Suge Knight Charged With Murder Over Terry Carter Death


Suge Knight has officially been charged with murder in regards to the death of long-time friend Terry Carter, whom he ran over and killed this past Thursday in Compton, California. If convicted, the rap mogul is said to be facing life imprisonment.

The incident in question happened on January 29, after the 49-year-old showed up at a movie shoot taking place in the aforementioned location, which involved hip-hop legends Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. He was reportedly asked to leave by security upon his arrival, during which time he allegedly got into an altercation with the above mentioned individuals. Knight got back into his vehicle sans Carter, who had arrived with him in the same vehicle, and is said to have put his foot to the pedal in order to reverse as aggressively as possible. The 86-year-old was unable to reach the passenger door in time to join his companion in the exiting of the scene, and was struck by the car as the father of four attempted to leave the location.  Two other men were hit, and it is believed that the running over of these individuals was 100 percent intentional due to the aforementioned conflict having ensued upon Knight’s arrival on set.

One of these men was Cle (a.k.a Bone) Sloan, who is known for being an American filmmaker and activist whose life mission it became to reform gang culture in order for the public to have a more respected view of what went down inside it. He has spent many years working tirelessly in an attempt to end gang violence from the inside, which he has been extremely outspoken about regarding his feelings towards what it does to make others quickly attach stereotypes to the mere idea of being in a gang. He survived the vehicle collision and is said to be recovering in hospital; the other male involved has not yet been identified, although reports have stated that he is also in good health following the incident. Knight has also been charged with attempted murder of the premeditated kind for the act of his vehicle hitting the two men in question.

Upon surrendering himself to the appropriate authorities, Knight’s bail was originally set at two million dollars. However, earlier today the possibility of him leaving his imprisonment facility was revoked entirely after a judge decided that the man was a flight risk and too able to intimidate any witnesses into not talking about any potential encounters that would occur in his attempts to flee the country, therefore making the decision to deny bail altogether in order to protect the public interest of safety.

Other charges against Knight include hit and run resulting in an individual’s death (the mogul fled the scene after colliding with Carter without checking what had happened as a result, although he has since given the statement that he had no idea he had hit the man whatsoever), and hit and run resulting in an individual’s injury. Both of these offenses count as felonies, which added to Knight’s rather extensive list of criminal implications is the reason why he will mostly spend life in prison if convicted of them.

It remains to be seen whether Suge Knight will be charged with the aforementioned offenses and remain in jail for the rest of his life. The odds, however, do not look good at this point in time.

By Rebecca Grace



Los Angeles Times

USA Today

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