Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Might Make Up

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has made a recent attempt to make up with Katy Perry, though it might not work as Katy Perry seems reluctant. The feud between the two has lasted a while, and fans of the two have been hoping for an end to it. Now, according to sources, Taylor Swift is willing to bury the hatchet and call it good with Perry.

Though the supposed “big moves” that Taylor Swift is making to end the feud with Perry are unknown, she is apparently working hard to make up for all of the burnt bridges. The feud between the two singers supposedly started with a slue of events. There was a Super Bowl diss, a Tweet about “mean girls,” the mention by Taylor Swift to Rolling Stone’s September issue that she was enemies with another pop star, and of course some backup dancers leaving Swift for Katy Perry (though not necessarily in that order). Keeping up with these two ladies was getting to be quite difficult.

But now Taylor Swift is apparently more than willing to make up with Katy Perry and all eyes are currently on the two, putting some pressure on Perry to accept. As Perry has let us know in some of her songs (such as Roar), she is not one to back down or be bullied into something. The decision to make up with Swift is probably not one that Katy Perry will take lightly.

However, Swift’s attempt to make up with pop star, Katy Perry, is not the only one. In fact, it seems that she is working to end all of her feuds. At the Grammy’s, Taylor Swift and Kanye West were seen posing for photos, before supposedly telling reporters that they would be doing a duet together. According to sources this friendship came about as a result of a dinner that the two had together at NYC’s The Spotted Pig. Each was seen entering the restaurant separately but the two were seen eating at a table together. According to sources Taylor Swift was also working to mend a feud with Diplo.

Even though her big gestures to make amends in lost relationships seems to be doing well, Swift still has many issues with other famous celebrities. One of the biggest and most recent ones was Miley Cyrus’s bashing of Taylor Swift at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary after party. It was apparently Swift’s performance there that angered Cyrus, when she started bashing Taylor. The only way that that feud will end, in the future, is if Miley works to make up with Taylor Swift, of if Swift decides to just let it go.

For now, Swift is only focused on mending her relationship with Katy Perry, according to sources. No news yet has come about of how Perry feels about Tay’s attempt to make up, but in the future maybe she will accept. After all, Taylor’s attempt to make up with other stars has worked, so far. With Taylor Swift making a move to end the feud between her and Perry, maybe their friendship could be mended.

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