The 100: Rubicon [Recap/Review]

The 100

Rubicon quickly picked up where last week’s episode of The 100 left off. Clarke is now in charge of Camp Jaha, while Bellamy is stuck in Mount Weather. On a more important matter, the Mountain Man that Clarke sent back to his people is running out of air.

Last week, Clarke gave the Mountain Man six hours to get back to his people before he ran out of oxygen. Just as he believes he is going to die, he is saved by none other than Cage, who is now walking around without cover because of the bone marrow. It has worked, and he declares that the ground is theirs.

Jasper is still locked in the room, but knows that Bellamy is there. However, it is too late as the guards start taking the remaining members of the 100 for their bone marrow. President Wallace may have let them leave, but he soon find outs about the change of command.

Bellamy finally checks in, telling them about their friends being taken one by one. The acid fog needs to wait, and Bellamy needs to save them. However, Clarke is annoyed at Raven for not making enough tone generators. All of this has led to Clarke deciding against a meeting with Lexa, but will send Kane instead. He knows the true meaning of a good leader and challenges her on the decision, but she wants him to go. Kane suggests Abby should go, but Clarke refuses that. While Abby is annoyed at her daughter being in charge, she does tell Clarke that Jaha has left to get to the City of Light.

The reason the Mountain Men needed the 100 is soon made clear in Rubicon. Bellamy tells Clarke that they are drilling for bone marrow. While they are talking, Cage tells Camp Jaha about the plan to use a missile to kill the Grounders without realizing. Clarke needs to get to the Grounders in time. She lies to Bellamy about Octavia being safe, and she takes off. However, Raven does tell Bellamy the truth later on.

Clarke wants Lexa to get her people out, but Lexa refuses so that Bellamy can get his job done. Lexa tells her that Clarke cannot let emotions stop her now. The two leave, and the others are left to die. While they leave, Clarke sees her mom and tells her to get out. Just as Abby demands to know the truth, the missile lands. When they wake, Abby promises to keep the secret that Clarke knew the truth but is clearly not happy with her daughter on The 100.

Octavia is still worried about Lincoln, but Indra does not want to hear it. While in the woods, she comes across Lincoln who confesses all. Octavia puts her love for him to one side, telling him he can either fight or be a coward. They return to find the ruins and people dying.

President Wallace is a prisoner now in Mount Weather on The 100, and Bellamy takes his evening meal to him. Wallace tells him that while he can’t help them escape, he can give them time. Bellamy gets into the room dressed as a guard—again—and gives Jasper a gun. As the remaining members of the 100 fight off the other guards, Jasper and Monty shoot a guard. The guard was protected though, and takes Jasper. However, the guards and doctor start suffering side effects of radiation poisoning. Bellamy managed to cause a containment breach to get his friends out. Jasper repeats Tsing’s words to her as she dies.

Wallace tells his son that he helped the kids escape, but Cage gloats about the missile. He also gives Wallace the bone marrow injection.

With all that happening on The 100, it is very easy to forget about Jaha and Murphy. They have spent the episode looking for the City of Light, when they meet a woman who says she was heading there with her brother. Her brother died when they were attacked, and she admits that very few ever find this City of Light.

There is a sweet bonding moment between the woman and Murphy. She admits to getting kicked out because she did something wrong, but neither really want to go into their pasts. When he finally tells her that he killed people, she shows him her disfigured hand.

When a man on a horse turns up, the woman turns on the group. Just before knocking Murphy out, she whispers to him and wishes him luck. When Murphy wakes up, he admits that the woman told him they need to head north, presumably to the City of Light. The others want to return home, and Jaha gives them that choice.

With just four episodes left of the season, it is difficult to tell just how it could end. Will Murphy and Jaha get to this mysterious City of Light? This week’s The 100 episode, Rubicon, leaves it open for all storylines.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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