‘The Voice’: Blind Auditions Premiere [Recap & Video]

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On the season premiere of The Voice, the Blind Auditions part of the competition began on Monday, February 23, 2015. Coach Christina Aguilera was back, after having taken off last season to have her baby daughter, Summer Rain, and spend some time with her. Gwen Stefani ably filled in during Christina’s absence, but now, the Genie in a Bottle singer is back. Pharrell Williams is still filling in for Usher this season, and regular coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be judging the competitors, as well.

The four coaches of The Voice rocked out the opening tonight by singing Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz. They looked very ready to start off this new season right, with a bang. They each took turns singing, and sometimes sung in unison, like when Christina and Pharrell shared a microphone for a part of the song.

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the season premiere by introducing all of the coaches. Carson then gave viewers a brief preview of what was to come, and Pharrell said “Everybody has to start somewhere.” Dally called this season of The Voice “the biggest and best one ever.”

Sarah Potenza, 31, an Italian American, was the first singer tonight on The Voice. “It’s a lot of struggle to be an artist,” she said. She hopes to turn at least one of the chairs tonight. Sarah chose to sing Stay With Me. She really ROCKED IT OUT! She got all four coaches to turn their chairs for her.

“What in the world is your name?” Blake asked. She told him, and he asked her “Where are you from?” and she said “Nashville, Tennessee,” and Blake said “Ho, ho! Yes, you are!”

Pharrell said “You gave this generation something that they’ve never seen before. Just like you, I’m caught up in the moment.” All of the four coaches on The Voice tried to get Sarah to join his or her team.

“This is the weirdest day of all,” Sarah said. Christina told her she needed to choose a coach, and she picked Blake. Blake said “My strategy this year is to pick people from different genres.” Then, The Voice went to a commercial break.

When The Voice came back on, Lowell Oakley, 19, auditioned. Lowell said he had a background singing opera, Jazz and Soul. He said he would like to be a “crooner.”

Lowell sang Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. Adam turned his chair around very quickly. Pharrell looked like he was ready to push his button, and he did so, towards the end of the song.

Adam asked him his name, and then said “First of all, you charmed this crowd!” He added “We felt like we were in a club, and really experienced it with you.” His performance was one of many highlights on The Voice tonight.

Adam told him “This is my world. I know what you want to do up there.”

Pharrell said “You tell me where the nails are, and I’m gonna help you hit them.”

Lowell said “Thank you, I respect both of you — but I’m going to pick…Pharrell.” Adam was bummed out. After that, The Voice, yet again, headed to a commercial break.

The next musical artist to perform on The Voice was Rob Taylor, 22. His mother had a stroke and is paralyzed on her right side. He said as he was growing up he “always loved music.” He sang I Want You for his Blind Audition. Christina pushed her button right way. Then, Rob hit some uber high falsetto notes, and Adam and Pharrell followed suit, pushing their buttons and turning their chairs around.

Christina went up onstage and hugged Rob, saying he will be on her team. Adam said that he sang even higher than Adam, which it pretty high.

“Do you want some clowns or somebody who will take you seriously?” Christina asked him on The Voice. She told him she “wanted to met” his mom, and “be a part of his family.”

Rob had to choose who his coach would be on The Voice. He said “I pick — Christina.” She said “Bam! Bam!” and went up to be with him onstage. Christina followed Rob backstage, and told him “Thank you for picking me! You made my day!” She was introduced to Rob’s mom. Then, The Voice headed to another commercial break.

The judges on The Voice have all scored an artist, except for Adam. The musical artist who took the stage next, Cody Wickline, said he thought he would pick either Blake or Pharrell if they turned their chairs.

Adam turned his chair right away. Cody sounded great as he sang the classic song He Stopped Loving Her Today.

Blake listened intently, then pushed his button. On The Voice, Pharrell also turned his chair around Christina pushed her button right at the end of the song. Cody got a four-chair turn-around, and the coaches gave him a standing ovation.

“That is the best country music performance I have ever heard on this show. I think, country or not, you will win this year on The Voice.” Adam said.

“All you need to have is somebody to introduce you to Nashville,” Blake said.

“I think there’s so much you can teach me,” Pharrell said.

Christina said “It became so undeniable, your gift. I would love, love, love to be your coach.”

In the end, Cody chose Blake Shelton. Blake went up and hugged him, and said “That was amazing, buddy.” More commercials followed on The Voice.

Then, Treeva Gibson, 16, was featured on The Voice. Both of her parents are deaf, and she lost her mid-tone hearing range when she was younger, but in her teens. She wants the coaches to hear “the passion I have,” she said.

For her Blind Audition on The Voice, she sang Young and Beautiful. Both Christina and Blake pushed their buttons simultaneously and turned their chairs around. The audience applauded as she sang. She has a terrific voice! Adam said it was “very emotional but kind of messy.”

“There were a few notes that were kind of pitchy, but at 16, you are amazing!” Christina told her. Blake compared her voice to Stevie Nicks’ voice, and said that her voice was “amazing.”

She said “I love you both, but I pick — Christina.” She said “It doesn’t seem real.” Treeva’s story was one of the many heartwarming ones on The Voice tonight.

Meghan Linsey, 28, sang next on The Voice. She said when she and her boyfriend sang together as Steel Magnolia, they had a song that hit number 5. But, after she and Josh broke up, she thought she had lost her career. She said she “felt like a soul singer at heart.” She sang Love Hurts.

Christina appeared poised to hit her button. Both she and Adam pushed their buttons at the same time, as did Pharrell.

“You really made me believe love hurts!” Christina said on The Voice. “We’re Team Meghan now.”

Pharrell said “The wild, feral part of you — I’d love to work with you.”

“I know what it’s like to be a woman,” Christina said. “So do I,” Adam chimed in.

Meghan said she was really confused. Finally, she said “I choose Pharrell.” Blake came up and hugged her, saying “I’m so happy for you.” Adam still has not managed to get anyone on his team yet. Will he get a team member before the end of the premiere of The Voice?

Joshua Davis, 37, then was featured on The Voice. Joshua sang I Shall Be Released. Both Adam and Blake turned their chairs around super quickly. Joshua has a great voice, and put a bit of gravelly, soulful sound into it as he sang. The audience clapped along, and applauded enthusiastically as he finished.

“Tone, control and character: A+, A+, A+” Pharrell said.

“I thought I was curled up next to a fire listening to you. I’d love the chance to work with you, dude,” Blake said.

“We covered that song for a Dylan tribute record,” Adam told him.

“I heard it,” Joshua said.

“Thank you very much, Josh!” Adam said.

Joshua had a tough decision to make. He finally said “I gotta pick Blake.”

“Dude, you just made my season!” Blake told him. The Voice then broke for more commercials.

With only one performer to go on The Voice, would Adam get his first team member? The last person to perform was Sawyer Fredericks, 15. He said he lived on his family’s farm. He said “It was a lot of work.” He said he was home schooled.

Sawyer said he will be singing I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow on The Voice. He NAILED it! Adam and Pharrell turned their chairs around, then Blake Shelton joined them.

“I need someone like you, someone to crush Blake with,” Adam told Sawyer.

“Sawyer, you have to pick me!” Christina told him on The Voice. “We will be friends, we will be teammates, we will be roommates!”

“It was almost as if you were singing into a vintage microphone,” Blake said.

Pharrell said “As soon as you started to sing, you took me to a different time.”

Sawyer said “I pick…I pick Pharrell.”

The Voice started off with a fantastic premiere episode tonight. It could very well be that the musical artists this season might be the best ones yet. Adam ended the premiere episode of The Voice without anybody on his team. He will likely soon catch up. Pharrell said he had three people on his team already. Who will be the first person to be on Team Adam? Which of the coaches will complete his or her team first? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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