‘The Walking Dead’: ‘The Distance’ [Recap & Review]

The Walking Dead

On The Walking Dead tonight, viewers got to learn a bit more about the mysterious stranger, Aaron, who was introduced at the end of the last episode, Them. He showed up and introduced himself to Maggie and Sasha, saying he would like to talk to the person in charge. He said he “had good news.”

Maggie brought Aaron back to the barn where the other survivors were. They immediately all stood up and pointed their guns at him. Maggie handed the weapon that Aaron had with him to Rick.

Maggie said on The Walking Dead that Aaron wanted them all to go to Aaron’s “camp” to “audition” and see if they would like to be members of his group. Aaron called it a “community.” He had an envelope with him full of photos. Rick looked at the photos. Aaron said if they joined his community, they “would be safe.” He said “Security is, obviously, important.”

“Together, we’re strong. You can make us even stronger,” Aaron said on The Walking Dead. Rick went up to him and knocked him down to the ground, as Aaron was in the middle of talking about his community. Then, The Walking Dead went to its first commercial break of the episode.

Back on The Walking Dead, Michonne whispered that “He seems like an okay guy,” to Rick. Rick told everybody that “They’re coming for us.”

Aaron came to, saying “That’s a helluva right cross there, Rick.”

“How many of your people are out there?” Rick asked him on The Walking Dead.

“Does it matter?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, yes it does.” Rick said.

On The Walking Dead, Aaron told him “No matter what I say, you’re not going to trust me.” Aaron said he was the one who left the bottles of water in the road.

Aaron said he had followed them long enough to know that “They are survivors.” He complimented them for being “people.’

Rick again asked him how many people were out there. Aaron said “What if I drove you to the community — all of you?” Aaron said that he and a friend had driven in separate cars. He said “If I wanted to ambush you, I would have done it here. Lit the barn on fire and picked you off as you exited.”

On The Walking Dead, Michonne said that they should go and check out where the cars were. “There aren’t any cars,” Rick told her.

“We need to find out what this is,” Michonne said. She, Abraham, Glenn, Maggie and Rosita left to check out if Aaron was telling the truth on The Walking Dead.

“If you’re not back in 60 minutes, we’ll come. Which might be exactly what they want,” Rick told Abraham and the others who left.

Aaron stayed behind. On The Walking Dead, he told Rick what his job had been, that he had worked as a NGO. “You’re good people, and we’re not going to kill you and you’re not going to kill us.”

“Just because we’re good people,” Rick said, “doesn’t mean that I won’t kill you. If they’re not back within one hour, I’m going to put a knife in the base of your skull.” As he said those words, The Walking Dead headed to another commercial break.

When The Walking Dead returned, Glenn said “Eyes open, everybody.” He said they should fire if they see anybody. Glenn said “After everything we’ve done, why would they want us to join their group?”

Michonne said that they would have seen them doing some good things, also. At the barn on The Walking Dead, Aaron told Rick, when Judith began to cry, that he had a jar of applesauce with him she could have. He claimed “This isn’t a trick.” He said that he was not trying to kill Rick’s baby daughter.

“Eat the applesauce,” Rick told him on The Walking Dead. “You’ll be the first to go.” Aaron tried some, then Rick tried some. Rick has learned that in the post apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead, it does not pay to be too trusting of others.

“You’ve got 43 minutes,” Rick told him.

“He was telling the truth,” Michonne said on The Walking Dead, when they approached the vehicles. Abraham kicked open the door of a camper trailer, and he and Rosita seached the vehicle. They found cans of food there.

“Right now, this is ours,” Rick told Aaron when the others had come back on The Walking Dead, “whether we go to your camp or not,” He was talking about the cans of food.

Michonne said, taking on more of a leadership role on The Walking Dead, “We’re all going,” and she did not act like she was taking no for an answer. “You’re not driving,” she said to Aaron. “So, if you want to get home, you’ll have to tell us how.”

On The Walking Dead, Aaron told them the should take Route 16, that they had “cleared it that way.” Rick said they would take Route 23. “Tell us where the camp is and we’ll leave right now.”

Aaron was left in the barn while Rick checked out the car parked outside. “When you said we’re going,” Michonne told Rick, “Were you serious, or were you just saying that to get Aaron to say where the camp was?”

“You asked me what would it take to be sure that the camp was real,” Rick said on The Walking Dead. “Truth is, I’m not sure anything would. But, I’m gonna see, I’m going to see,” Rick said to Michonne before The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

Back on The Walking Dead after the break, the survivors drove the two vehicles to the camp. Aaron sat next to Michonne, and she looked through the photographs. Michonne asked Rick if he had asked him “the questions.”

Rick said “no,” and Michonne asked him the questions about how many walkers he had killed. He said a lot. She asked him how many people he had killed, and he told her two, because they had tried to kill him.

Then, Glenn drove right into a mess of walkers on The Walking Dead. He could not see because blood coated the windshield, so he crashed into them. They got out briefly to wipe the blood away. Aaron said “We need to get out. It’s over.”

Rick asked him what he meant. He and the other survivors with him got out of the vehicle they were in and began firing at the walkers. A walker came up behind Glenn and knocked him to the ground. Glenn slammed the walker’s head into a rock.

Glenn and Aaron were together. Aaron said “We can make it together, but we can only make it together,” he said. “You said that — I was listening,” Aaron told him. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

The survivors came across the other guy on The Walking Dead who had been with Aaron with the vehicles. The survivors helped Eric, taking him along with them.

Back on The Walking Dead, Aaron and his “friend,” Eric, kissed each other. Aaron’s friend said Maggie told him he had just a “sprained ankle.” They had been the only ones who had been with the two vehicles, as Aaron had said — unless there were other members of the “community” elsewhere.

Rick came in and interrupted the reunion. Aaron came out and told them “Thank you. You saved Eric. I’ll make sure that debt gets paid in full when we get back to our community, in Alexandria. Let’s stay here for the night.” They decided to stay in the building until the morning.

Aaron wanted to be with Eric. “The only way you’re going to stop me from being with him right now is by shooting me,” Aaron said.

Glenn said to Rick “They’re both unarmed. One of them has a broken ankle. I want us to be safe, too,” he told Rick. Rick did not look very sure about letting them be together, but he told Glenn “Alright.” The Walking Dead headed to yet another commercial break.

The Walking Dead came back from the break with Rick and his group headed down the highway once again. Noah brought some medicine to Aaron and Eric in the camper trailer. He told Noah there was a great doctor at the comunity who might be able to help him with his leg.

Sergeant Abraham asked Rosita “How much longer we got?”

“We’re halfway there. Why?” she asked him. The answer was that a red light had come on indicating that the vehicle was about to have some serious problems, not a good thing to happen anytime, but especially not in the world of The Walking Dead.

He told her “We’re gonna make it,” but the vehicle stopped because the battery died. There were other batteries, though, in the vehicle, and the group swapped out the old one.

“The fight’s over,” Michonne told Rick “We have to let him go. We have to let him go.”

Rick replied that “The rules keep changing.” He hid a gun nearby before they got to the gates of the community.

Then, on The Walking Dead, there was a close-up of Rick’s face. He heard the sounds of children playing inside. He, Michonne, and the others headed on foot towards the gates of the community.

“Even though you were wrong,” Carol told him, “You’re still right.” That was the end of this episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead episode tonight, The Distance, was another intense one, though it did not have as much action as some of the other episodes. Rick was not at all trusting of Aaron, but with good reason, as every time that he and the others had trusted some group that claimed to want to help them has proven to be their enemies. Will Aaron, Eric, and their “community,” be any different from the other groups in previous seasons? Be sure to tune in to The Walking Dead next week, to find out!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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