Ukraine to Receive Training From U.S. Military

ukraineA spokesperson from the Pentagon said the U.S. will be sending a small unit of troops to Ukraine to train forces in combat medical training. Ukrainian forces have been fighting  separatists in different parts of the country for months. The Pentagon stated no more than 10 troops will head to western Ukraine for another session of training, advising members of the Ukrainian military that will serve as medics in the field.

In 2014, the U.S. military trained around 300 Ukrainian soldiers on combat medical treatment. U.S. officials are beginning to examine the range of training and other aid that is able to be provided to Ukraine.

Earlier today, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced 75 British troops would be deployed to Ukraine to provide training and support to government forces. The British military personnel will be stationed far away from hotspots of conflict, and will offer medical, logistics, intelligence, and infantry training. Though a peace agreement was reached between Ukrainian troops and separatists, violence has ensued in some cities after repeated abuses of the peace plan.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by U.S. Army Europe Images – Flickr License