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Vaccines and the Violation of Basic Human Rights



Has the day come when bodily invasions, such in the case of impending vaccine regulations, will no longer be a choice as they ought to be, violating the basic human right of freedom? Is is not the right of each human being, to remain sovereign over their own body vehicle and to choose what will and what will not be administered to it? If not, each human ought to deeply consider the implications of surrendering the right of one’s own body vehicle to the hands of any organization to dictate what will be done with it.

The Center for Disease Control states clearly on its website: “Individuals react differently to vaccines, and there is no way to predict how individuals will react to a particular vaccine.” If we couple this awareness with the Precautionary Principle of science which states: “If the effects of a product or action are unknown, then the product should not be used or the action should not be taken.” One can suppose that blindly injecting vaccinations en masse to an entire population because that population is afraid, is clearly a warning sign to the imminent demise of a people.

Immunology says

Recently it has been proposed that adults too should receive vaccines due to the uncertain effects of them and because it is known that vaccines are not always effective for all people all the time. Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, who is both a Ph.D and immunologist as well as author of the book “Vaccine Illusion,” states how vaccines which contain ingredients such as egg, yeast, animal or human proteins(which most do) could set the stage early for a manifestation of allergies or autoimmune disorders, since young systems are barely learning to distinguish between “other” and “self.”

The interview conducted by Catherine Frompovich, posted on the International Medical Council for Vaccines site, is extremely important as Dr. Obukhanych also points out how many people misinterpret or misunderstand vaccinations and their effects regarding disease immunity. Obukhanych makes the distinguishing difference between “natural immunity” and vaccine prompted immunity, which are not the same thing. In fact, according to Obukhanych, vaccines afford little in the way of immunity, as they do not “engage the genuine mechanism of immunity.” She admits immunologists still do not fully understand the immune system.

During an outbreak, it is expected that vaccinated individuals would not make up a large number of the infected, though this is far from the case. People may seem baffled by this, but actually, those who acquire natural immunity, and not through vaccinations, are more protected by their body’s natural responses. Therefore, it seems completely false and inhumane to demand people obtain a vaccine, which would therefore violate the basic human right of sovereignty and freedom to decide what is best for one’s body. If immunologists are still grappling with the functions of the immune system and how vaccines may not do what they think, how can people be forced to take them?

Obukhanych, despite studying in the most prestigious of medical institutes and specializing in immunology, has doubts that her field of study is actually set up to find out the truth of how the immune system actually works. She admits that it is instead crafted around a contrived method of vaccinations which causes the body to respond in a very different way than it normally or “naturally” would. She goes on to say how the body is designed to become immune naturally to invaders through exposure, which would elicit a life-long immunity, but with vaccinations, it is an entirely different tale. (Read more of Obukhanych’s interview in link below)

Compassion to all parties

A compassionate article on Mothering.com urges those who tend to “take sides” on the vaccines issue to consider that all parties involved in choosing whether to vaccinate or not are motivated by legitimate concerns and not simply a lack of information or “brains.” Those who choose to vaccinate and believe all people should, are truly concerned for the health and wellbeing of their children, though may be failing to consider the basic human rights violation it would be to demand all people be injected even if they feel it is not right.

Parents and individuals who choose not to take vaccines or require their kids to, are also motivated by a desire to have healthy children and to perpetuate well-being in those they love and in their own bodies. In the communities who promote non-vaccination there is a genuine frenzy for acquiring information and becoming deeply educated on the matter so as to make decisions wisely. Both parties ought to be allowed to choose for themselves what is best.

Nazi Germany

Dr Lee Heib points out in her article “How Vaccine Hysteria Could Spark Totalitarian Nightmare” posted on wnd.com, that the same individuals voting for rights of pro-choice, to be able to opt for an abortion, are some of the same folks wanting to force others to vaccinate. She reiterates medical ethics, that no one should be made to undergo a procedure that they do not desire to undergo and do not consent to. Heib reminds readers that forcing individuals to receive unwanted medical protocol was what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is not Nazi Germany, but forcing individuals to receive vaccinations or any other procedure that is contrary to their personal wishes and beliefs as to what is good for them and their bodies is a violation of human rights. To maintain the liberty of The United States of America, people ought to think long and hard about agreeing to such a stance and choosing to take away the rights of their fellow humans with a vote toward making vaccination mandatory.

If interested in signing a petition to maintain the basic human right to bodily protection, guarding against the force and requirement of vaccines which would violate that right, click the White House Petitions link in sources below.

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