British Intelligence Attempted to Recruit North Korean Spy: Report Leaked

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British Intelligence (MI6) has undergone an effort to recruit a North Korean asset in which they would offer a “long term clandestine relationship in return for payment”, according to a cable obtained by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit. The cable marked “Secret UK/SA eyes only” showed that MI6 requested aid from South Africa’s Security Agency (SSA) for a combined effort to gain more intelligence on North Korea from the inside.

According to the report, the goal was to find a person inside the impregnable North Korean intelligence system, using tactics from MI6 and SSA. The cable stated the British requested support for a clandestine intelligence officer and they would intercept the potential asset in between flights. Moreover, it was stated that MI6 and SSA would provide covert surveillance and quartering for the asset.

MI6 provided the identity of the North Korean asset’s identity, including their full job description, full occupational history, and detailed travel plans, including flight numbers. Al Jazeera is currently concealing this information to protect the asset’s identity.

By Alex Lemieux


Al Jazeera

Photo by Alex France – Flickr License