Weather to Plow Northeast and Midwest


More winter weather is on its way. Supposedly, the storm will hit areas of the Midwest and Northeast. The storm is already dishing out large amounts of snow. This weather could affect the country because airlines are already canceling flights. This goes to show that the snow plow weather will affect the Midwest and again the Northeast.

Today, the winter storm was moving through the central and southern plains. With the storm was a weather combination of sleet, snow, rain, and freezing rain. Storm warnings, advisories, and watches are currently up and running for the areas expected to be affected by the winter storm.

The heaviest snow is expected to fall on Interstate 80. A nice and mild mix of wintry weather and rain is anticipated for the southern areas such as Indianapolis, Indiana, and northern Tennessee Valley.

For Sunday morning, heavy snow is expected to be falling in Des Moines and Chicago to as far as Detroit and Cleveland. The ABC Weather Team expects eight to 12 inches from central Iowa through the northern Ohio valley and eastern Chicago.

The storm, not yet given a name, stretches from Nebraska to Maine, all the while getting worse for the Northeast. This time, Boston will not take as hard a hit compared to last week when it was hit by winter storm ‘Juno.’ Boston will not get hit by the storm until well after midnight, after NFL Super Bowl XLIX has ended, maybe.

The storm will move east and it will unload more snow on a region that is still recuperating from last week’s ‘Juno.’ The majority of the snow is not going to empty into Boston until Monday, with up to 30 inches of snow according to Alan Dunham of Taunton, Massachusetts, office of the National Weather Service. Dunham told USA Today that as long as people get home by a decent hour they should be fine due to conditions created by weather to plow Northeast and Midwest

It is not that some places are not prepared, just the extenuating circumstances. The town of Henniker, New Hampshire has lost nearly its entire collection of snow-clearing equipment to a fire at a garage in the town.

The town lost their snow plows and the town is now dependent on two pickup trucks and a front end loader which were not destroyed by the fire because they were not in the garage. The town of Henniker is expected to be okay, though they foresee there may be a challenge.

The bulk of the snowfall is expected on Monday. The rest of the week looks mild for snow. Air will follow the snow and this air will be dry and very cold. Temperatures are expected at zero to five above zero for Monday night in scattered parts of the Northeast and Midwest.

The Super Bowl will not be a problem for sunny Glendale, Arizona. It is the travel home for the people that went out to watch the game, and the wait for airplanes to reschedule for people who flew in for the game.

Already there have been 1,048 flights canceled which were scheduled for Sunday. At Chicago O’Hare International Airport, 445 flights have already been canceled as of 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Saturday, on the last day of January due to snow plow weather in the Northeast and Midwest.

By Jacob Dowd


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Photo by Tim Conner – Flickr License

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