YouTube Aims to Keep Kids Safe With New App


YouTube is aiming to keep kids safe with a new app. The free subscription for iPads and iPhones creates a family-friendly platform for children of all ages. Parents can feel safer allowing their children to browse the video-sharing website, knowing that they are less likely to come across porn videos or anything with questionable content.

For years, parents have complained that the internet is a dangerous place. There are many issues, and YouTube is not an exception. There are many things that can—and do—go wrong. It leads to parents having to make a decision. Do they learn how to make websites safer through parental controls and prevent their children from using sites like YouTube completely? Now, Google has made it easier with YouTube Kids.

According to App Shopper’s description, the official app is perfect for curious minds. It allows them to learn, discover and be entertained, and is full of age-appropriate channels, videos and playlists. All the complicated navigation buttons have also been removed. It is designed with children in mind, allowing them a place to easily scroll through and find their favorite TV shows or pick learning videos.

Some of the videos available on the new YouTube app include those from National Geographic and Dreamworks. There are already plenty of channels included in the free subscription, with Dreamworks TV, Talking Tom and Friends and Jim Henson TV among them. There is also a timer option, so the YouTube app can cut out at a certain time and children have to stop watching. The parent is no longer the bad guy.

YouTube Kids offers parents many other options to help keep kids safe with the new app. It is possible to limit the search settings to those only that have been pre-selected. There is no risk at all coming across something that has slipped through the YouTube filters. Feedback is always appreciated, so there is a method of parents to offer that, too.

If noise is something parents want to cut out, the sound settings are extremely easy to use. It is possible to turn off the sound effects and background music.

This new YouTube app is not just available for Apple users. Considering it is a Google product, it is now available for Android users, too. It was unveiled Monday, and Google is now encouraging parents to download it for free.

There have been a number of mixed reviews over the new YouTube app, with one user cynical about it; wondering whether it is Google finding another way to corrupt children. Of course, this is the way many people think considering how big Google has become. However, there are many positive comments regarding the decision. There is hope that children will be kept safe while searching online, at least on the video-sharing site.

The parental controls can be accessed at any time. However, to keep children safe, there is a lock. It requires a four-code password, almost like a chip and pin card. This is just another way that the new YouTube app aims to keep children safe.

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