‘American Idol’: ’80s Night’ Sees Double Elimination

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On American Idol tonight, Wednesday, March 25, the same set of musical artists who sang last Thursday are all back, as the judges used their one and only “save” on Qaasim Middleton. That means that there will be a Double Elimination before the end of tonight’s episode of American Idol, and two of the competitors will not be returning next week. It was 80s night tonight, and David Hasselhoff and Boy George were special guests.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, started off the episode by showing all of the remaining competitors at a NASCAR race, having a good time. Ryan said that tonight, there will be “a dramatic Double Elimination.” Nine of the musical artists will move on, while two will be eliminated.

Ryan introduced the American Idol judges, then David Hasselhoff walked out onto the stage. He presented the official results to Ryan, then sang a medley of songs, beginning with Queen’s song, Crazy Little Thing Called Love. He even sang a Boy George song, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, and the David Bowie song, Let’s Dance.

Ryan then welcomed Boy George to the show. Boy George talked with the remaining American Idol competitors and gave them some advice. The competitors then sang Boy George’s hit, Karma Chameleon. Boy George joined in, also, to sing.

Harry said “I’m just a little bit blown away right now.”

Jennifer said “We’re losing two people, so I’m super nervous tonight.”

Ryan said “Here we go, in no particular order. The first person who made it through based on the nation-wide vote is Daniel Seavey. It’s 80s Night — what year were you born in?” Ryan asked Daniel.

“!989,” Daniel said.

He will be singing a Hall & Oates song, You Make My Dreams Come True. Boy George told him “Confidence is the key word, trust and confidence.”

Daniel had the audience cheering and clapping along as he sang. It was an energetic, bouncy version of the song, but what will the discriminating judges think?

Keith said “You look so good on camera. That’s one plus for you. I’m glad you’re still here, but you have to get more confident, quicker.”

Jennifer said “You sang better than you did last week — it was much, much better.”

Harry said “What is it that you like to do the most?”

“Make people happy,” Daniel replied.

“Take the choreography and throw it away,” Harry told him. “Go out there and have a blast.”

When American Idol came back on after a commercial break, host Ryan Seacrest said “After the nation-wide vote, the next person up to sing for your votes is — Quentin Alexander!” Quentin sang the song In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. He did a very good job singing this cool hit song.

Jennifer said “That performance — your cool factor was on, like, 1,000! Every time you take a song and make it specifically your own, you’re hitting a home run!”

Harry said “Five out of the last six songs you’ve sang were slow songs. But, I enjoyed that song tonight.”

Keith said “I did, too. You have so much artistry Quentin, you really do. It was so good, man!”

When American Idol returned from a commercial break, host Ryan Seacrest announced the next result. “The next person to take the stage after the nation-wide vote is — Joey Cook!” Joey Cook is a terrific singer. She was very excited to meet Boy George. “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

Joey Cook sang an energetic version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. She NAILED this song, making it her own! The song changed tempo a few times, making it a tricky version to sing.

Harry said “You seemed distracted to me tonight. I definitely felt like you were trying to make the song fun, but that something was holding you back.”

Keith said “You really set the bar high. There were moments of inconsistency, but you did great.’

Jennifer said “In theory, it was the perfect song for you, but it just didn’t match.”

As American Idol came back on, host Ryan Seacrest was ready to announce who the next person was. “The next person to move on after the nation-wide vote is…Tyanna Jones!” Tyanna, 16, will be singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston. Tyanna did an AMAZING job singing this Whitney Houston song!

Keith said “If anyone can take on a Whitney song, Tyanna, it’s you.”

Harry said “I like watching performers who make me feel like they are in the driver’s seat, and that’s what you did. But, don’t get too complacent — come out and fight for it, every time!”

When the show came back on after a break, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest said “The next person tonight to sing for your votes is going to be…Jax!” She sang the Bon Jovi song, You Give Love a Bad Name.

Jax gave a terrific performance of the song, making it very dramatic. She made it her own, and packed it with a ton of emotion.

Jennifer told her “You’re giving us all of that 80s punk attitude, and I love it! For me, you ended it really, really strong!”

Harry said “I think your originality is what brought you here, and your intrigue is what’s kept you here. I liked the beginning and I liked the end.”

“After this, more names will be called, and we’ll have the big Double Elimination,” American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, said.

“The next person up here to sing for you is — Nick Fradiani!” Ryan Seacrest announced. Nick will be singing the Michael Jackson hit, Man In the Mirror.

Nick had the audience clapping along right from the start of the song. He did not seem to be trying to sing as much of the song in the falsetto range as Michael had, but he did include some falsetto in the song.

Harry said “I think that was a perfect song choice. It was a fantastic vocal. Everybody tells you how hot you are all the time. I think that what’s appealing about you is humility.”

Keith said “You have a Million Dollar Smile.”

Ryan Seacrest then said “Next person up on the stage after the nation-wide vote is — Clark Beckham!” He will be singing Every Breath You Take by The Police. Clark started off singing slowly, but he did a fantastic job singing this song. Nobody can quite hit the high notes like Sting, but Clark made the version his own, and was pretty impressive.

Keith said “It was really good. You took us on a journey, and brought the melancholy and pain to it.”

Jennifer said “I got the goosies. Finally, the goosies for me. You felt like you were at home.”

Harry said “You stand right where you are and sing, and you’re going to be alright.”

Ryan said “The next person up there on that stage singing for your votes is going to be — Qaasim Middleton!” Qaasim was “saved” last week by the judges. Tonight, he sang Robert Palmer’s hit, Addicted to Love.

Qaasim had the entire audience standing and clapping along as he sang. He just seemed to keep on getting better as he continued to sing.

Jennifer said “I loved that! You can’t help it — you’re a great performer. At the end of the day, you’re a great vocalist.”

Harry said “Your strength is your ability to perform. Here, you stood there and you were sexy.”

Maddie Walker, Adanna Duru, and Rayvon Owen made up the Bottom Three. Two of them would be eliminated before the end of American Idol, and only one will get to move on, according to American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest.

After another commercial break, Ryan Seacrest had the bottom three come up onto the stage. He read “After the nation-wide vote, the last person to sing on this stage tonight for your votes is — Rayvon! That means we have to say goodbye to Maddie and Adanna.”

Rayvon will be singing the Tears for Fears song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Rayvon did much better than he sang last week, both staying fairly true to the original, yet also in making it his own version of the hit song.

Harry said “I thought that this was more of an interpretative, solid performance.”

Keith said Rayvon, “That was a really beautiful song for you.”

Jennifer told him “I would be a little bit careful. The only way we grow is to go out of our comfort zone. Good job tonight.”

Tonight on 80s Night on American Idol, because the judges used their one “save” last week, there was a Double Elimination. The 11 musical artists who began the show were cut down to just the Top Nine performers. After viewers across America vote, at least one more competitor will be eliminated next week. It should be another great show, with the contestants singing Kelly Clarkson songs.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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