Baby Struck by SUV Dies


San Diego authorities have announced that a seven-month-old baby who was hit alongside her father by an oncoming SUV, while walking across a busy street in Point Loma, California, has died. Authorities stated on Monday, the father of Juniper Aavang was pushing his daughter’s stroller across the street when the two were hit by a Chevrolet Suburban.

According to eyewitnesses, the two were using a crosspath that intersects two streets in the downtown area. The baby’s mother, who was just a few steps ahead, was not injured.

Shortly afterwards, a driver passing through the intersection stopped and attempted to provide help to the injured individuals. Both the baby and father were rushed to the hospital.

According to doctors, the seven-month-old baby suffered traumatic brain injuries, succumbing to them and was pronounced dead just one day later. The extent of the father’s injuries and current condition has yet to be released.

After an interview with the driver of the SUV, officials stated the driver was not able see the baby or the father crossing the intersection due something blocking the field of view. On Tuesday, city workers chopped down a large palm tree after investigators claimed it could have been the reason the driver did not see the two.

By Alex Lemieux


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