Bedford New Hampshire House Contains Three Dead Bodies

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A house in Bedford, New Hampshire was found to contain three dead bodies today. The bodies look to have died in a very suspicious way, but Bedford police have yet to release an official report on the circumstances of the deaths. The house is located on McAfee Farm Road. This is considered to be a relatively upscale area located near Bracken Woods.

The names are currently being withheld pending an autopsy and family notification. Attorney General Joseph A. Foster had told the press in an official statement that the deaths were quite suspicious and the department will be investigating the deaths further. Police vehicles blockaded a part of McAfee Farm Road after the bodies were discovered.

A neighbor told the press that a family of three lived in the house with the last name of Obukhov. The Obukhovs are a Russian family, but at this time it is unclear as to whether or not the three bodies found in the Bedford, New Hampshire house are that of the family. Alexey Obukhov has a home business called New Vector Corp, according to state records.

By James Dixson


Union Leader

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Photo by: Carmen Jost – Flickr License