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The Brothers Grimm appears to be getting new life as a television program. Miramax, which has the 2005 film as part of its library, has tapped Ehren Kruger, one of the original screenwriters, to transform what started with a movie, into a new series for the small screen. Kruger wrote the original movie script, that was then extensively rewritten by Terry Gilliam and Tony Grisoni. While the film version of Brothers Grimm may not have done well in theaters, it seems that with a re-imagined version coming to TV, there may be a new chance for people to experience the story of the fairytale collecting brothers.

The original film version of Brothers Grimm starred Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. In the 2005 movie, the brothers were portrayed as con artists traveling the countryside in the 19th century. This is before they eventually began collecting and cataloging folk tales, while also going from one adventure to the next.

GrimmSince the movie was released, another version of the Grimm stories has made it on to the small screen. The premise of the show follows the idea of the Grimm’s being hunters, who deal with the supernatural creatures living in the world. The show which airs on NBC, is equal parts police procedural and paranormal meets fantasy. In this version, Nick is a police officer in Portland, when he learns that his family are what is known as Grimms or guardians. With an over-arcing back story and weekly introductions deeper into the world of the supernatural, this is a take on the classic that could be considered much more modern-day.

This new version of Brothers Grimm coming to TV is being described as one that goes back to the origins of the original brothers stories. The original folk tales were darker in nature, and were written in a way that was supposed to teach a lesson, as a sort of cautionary tale. Although the new concept has not been completed yet, what is known is that the show will be similar to the movie. Kruger has said that the story will follow the two brothers, as they attempt to catalog the adventures and stories of the time.

Fairy tales, folk tales and other legendary stories have become a staple of the small screen. On ABC, the network offers Once Upon a Time, which details the lives of any number of story book characters in the modern day world. At one point there was even a spin off of the show, with characters from the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. On FOX, the network offers Sleepy Hollow, another show based on two tales from storyteller, Washington Irving. The classics are all getting a modern day makeover, most often for the small screen.

With news of the show only breaking recently, there is not much information yet as to who will be the stars or even when it might make it to the screen. In fact, besides the news that a TV show is in the works for Brothers Grimm, the details about the series are extremely limited.

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