Burger King to Drop Soda From Kids’ Meals

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Burger King has removed fountain sodas as the drink option for kids’ meals, following similar menu alterations by Wendy’s and McDonald’s. According to a statement released by Burger King, they have pulled the plug on fountain drinks for kids’ meals and they will be not be provided as the main option when ordering. Though, they said that a customer may still ask for a soda to be a part of a meal.

This change came from increased pressure from advocacy groups that urged Burger King to update their menu, in favor of low-calorie options for their meals. Now, since Burger King is abiding by the pleas of advocacy groups, all three big fast-food chains have removed fountain drinks from kids’ menus.

Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy for the Center of Science in the Public Interest, stated the move will allow children to eat better when ordering from a fast-food establishment. According to studies, soda is the leading source of calories in a child’s diet. The move by Burger King and the other large fast-food institutions will allow kids to eat healthier, with less becoming addicted to fountain drinks. Instead of fountain drinks, Burger King will offer fat-free milk, low-fat chocolate milk, and 100% apple juice.

By Alex Lemieux



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