Cancer Cure on the Cards


A cure for cancer is said to be on the cards. A new study conducted by scientists has helped them conclude that breathing more oxygen in our bodies with help of oxygen masks and other sources, might provide a breakthrough in activating the specific cell in our bodies known for fighting cancerous cells. This, according to the scientists could change the manner in which cancer is approached and treated today.

Inhaling close to 40 to 60 percent of oxygen as we breathe, debilitates the cancer cells that prevent our body’s immune system from working against them. This, as per the study, would activate the cells in our body that fight the cancerous cells that cause tumors. On an average, the air that we breathe contains 21 percent of oxygen.

It has taken the scientists close to 3 decades to conclude their findings. The scientists and researchers say, that once this approach is implemented by doctors across the United States, and the World, the rate of survival of the people being treated for cancer would show a monumental rise. It is estimated that close to 8 million sufferers of cancer succumb to this deadly disease each year around the world. Due to this research along with many others, it is believed that the field of medicine could soon find a cure for cancer.

cancerA team of researchers from a university in Boston evaluated how the supply of extra oxygen to the body obstructs the process of abnormal growth in a nucleoside composed of adenine and D-ribose caused due to an acute deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the bodily tissues. In simpler words, lack of oxygen in our lungs or body, causes irregular growth and collection of a molecule attached to a sugar molecule in cancerous cells within the tumor. The growth in tumors can take place at such a rapid pace that it can outrun the supply of blood. This causes lack in oxygen supply which in turn creates a conducive habitat for the tumor.

The study suggests that increased oxygen intake in the body would work towards reducing the size of the tumors and eventually eradicating them due to the activation of these cancer fighting cells. The scientists say that the increase in the percentage of oxygen intake in the body would be more effective if it is induced jointly along with super caffeine, which could serve as a catalyst. Super caffeine is known to be very effective as an adversary of the nucleoside composed of adenine, which is known as a tumor protector. However, they also pointed out that if the body does not contain or lacks the cells that are known to fight tumors, the increased intake of oxygen will not result in the shrinkage in the size of the tumor and therefore, it would not have the desired effect.

The conclusions of this study have given a much-needed boost to the field of medicine in finding a cure for cancer and relief to millions of patients. All of these reports and findings have been published in the highly acclaimed science journal, Science Translational Medicine.

By Ankur Sinha

The Times Of India
Medical Daily

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