Kendrick Lamar Has Announced Release Date for His New ‘Untitled’ Album

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has announced a release date for his new, upcoming album, and that news has got his fans pumped up, anticipating great new songs from Lamar soon. The album is being referred to as Untitled at the moment, but that is possibly just to keep everyone in suspense until the time comes when Kendrick Lamar reveals the actual title.

The new Kendrick Lamar album already is available for pre-sale on iTunes. It will be out in retail outlets and through the Internet on March 23, 2015.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar, who has 4.6 million Twitter followers, posted a tweet about his new album, Untitled, on Friday. The tweet was quickly re-tweeted thousands of times, and the Internet came close to having a nuclear meltdown.

Kendrick Lamar fans possibly already have heard that the album will feature 16 tracks. However, like the album, itself, so far the tracks have not had any song titles associated with them. Reportedly, the album’s actual title and the titles of the tracks will only be officially revealed when the album is ready to be released and for fans to purchase it.

However, Kendrick Lamar has released a brief sample of one of the songs that might be on the album. In the sample, Lamar incorporates music from the Isley Brothers song, I, that he won a Grammy award with. There has been no word yet if that song will be on the upcoming album.

Also, fans wonder if the song Kendrick Lamar has recently sang, The Blacker the Berry, or just Berry, as some fans are calling it, might be on the new album. Before that song, Lamar also released an untitled song that the Compton rapper debuted on The Colbert Report late in 2014. If these songs are any indication of what the rest of the album will be like, Kendrick Lamar’s as-yet titled album might very well hit number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The upcoming Kendrick Lamar album, his sophomore effort after the huge success of good kid, m.A.A.d. city, is set to have even better sales numbers, based on Lamar’s increasing populairty and growing numbers of fans. There still have not been very many details revealed about the new untitled album, though. The album art is not even visible at iTunes now. There is just a blacked-out square on the front of the album there.

If Kendrick Lamar decides to leave the upcoming album without a title, he will be in fine company. The ninth studio album that Nas released in 2008 was untitled, because it was originally meant to be titled the N-word. After news came out that was what it was going to be called, Nas decided to just release the album with the title Untitled. Singer R. Kelly also called the album he released in 2009 Untitled. He had just been acquitted of charges that he had engaged in child pornography. Even Prince had an album released that he called Untitled, in 1994. Fans have since called it The Black Album. It had no artwork, other than the black cover, and no title, though the songs were titled.

Further information about the new Kendrick Lamar album, which might also be called Untitled, will follow as additional news about it becomes available. Right now, at least fans know they can pre-order the album at iTunes, and Kendrick Lamar has announced that the release date for it will be March 23. Will it be a number one hit for Lamar, like Big Sean’s latest album turned out to be for him? It is starting to look like it, by the preliminary building anticipation for the album.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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