Eurovision 2015: Current List of Representatives & Song Choices [Part 1]

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With preparations for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest having fully kicked off in Vienna, Italy, each country’s representative and their song choice has begun to be revealed. While not all of said choices have been announced as of yet, a very large majority of the decisions have been made and the results are as follows:

Albania: Representing the country with the song I’m Alive, is 22-year-old Elhaida Dani. This Eurovision contestant rose to fame following her win on the Albanian installment of Star Academy, with her crowning having taken place back in 2009.

Armenia: Supergroup Genealogy will be putting in their bid for Eurovision 2015 winner, with their sole purpose in forming relating to the want to be awarded this honor. Each member is known for their own personal achievements outside of the competition, as they are all relatively well-known artists from entirely different parts of the globe (the group’s home countries consist of Japan, France, Australia, Armenia, the United States, and Ethiopia. Each member’s nomination to compete in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was announced separately, with revelation dates ranging from February 16 to March 3. Their song is entitled Don’t Deny.

Belarus: This country’s entry in the current year’s Eurovision Song Contest is that of a duo, Uzari & Maimuna. The man is a singer-songwriter, and the woman is a violinist. They are best known for their song Time, of which they will present at the upcoming show in question. Their nomination was announced in December, following which the pair competed amongst others in order to fully receive acceptance into the competition. They won the challenge with a total of 76 points, which placed them first in three of the five jurors scoring systems and third in the overall televote.

Belgium: Eurovision’s choice for this nation lays with Loïc Nottet, an 18-year-old who recently finished second in The Voice Belgique, upon the end of the show’s third season. His song title has yet to be revealed.

Cyprus: Greek artist Giannis Karagiannis will be representing Cyprus in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, performing the track One Thing I Should Have Done. Back in 2007 and 2008, he was unsuccessful in his attempts to be made the country’s candidate for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Czech Republic: Czech singer Marta Jandová and composer Václav Noid Bárta will be performing the song Hope Never Dies, at this year’s Eurovision. This song marks the third instance out of a current four Czech entries where the lyrics were sung in English rather than in the participant(s)’ native language.

Denmark: Anti Social Media, a Danish pop-rock band, will be taking the stage for their country at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. The group, consisting of members Nikolaj Tøth, Philip Thornhill, Emil Vissing. David Vang, will be performing their track The Way You Are. The band won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix on February 7 upon performing the aforementioned song, and thus was announced to be the Danish participants for the upcoming Eurovision installment.

Estonia: Performing the song Goodbye to Yesterday are Elina Born and Stig Rästa. Born (20) has previously tried her hand at a Eurovision entry, attempting in 2013 to represent the country with the song Enough, which did not end up being successful. She also placed second in the reality singing competition Eesti otsib superstaari (which translates into Estonia is Searching for a Superstar.) Rästa (35) was previously in a band called Slobodan River, between the years of 2002 and 2006. The two individuals with whom he formed this group no longer have any musical association with him.

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By Rebecca Grace

Photo by Kjell Jøran Hansen – Flickr License