‘Helix’: ‘Vade in Pace’ [Recap & Review]


The Helix episode this Friday, March 6, 2015 was called Vade in Pace or Go in Peace. Brother Michael pulled a Jonestown the last episode of Helix, giving his followers poison to kill them all so that he could start over again. He is an Immortal, so what does he really care about humans, even if they are his own wives and children?

Helix began tonight with scenes of Peter Farragut, Sister Anne, and Dr. Kyle Sommers trying to get into the dining hall where most of the cult members died from the poison that Brother Michael had them drink. Michael told Landry to “purify” any remaining cult members who might be elsewhere, but first “purify” the CDC scientists, by killing them.

“It’s still alive, Alan!” Sarah told Alan on Helix about their baby. She said she was not going to leave the island until she found her baby.

In the future on Helix, Dr. Julia Walker had the locket in hand that she was given the last episode. She was trying to find out if Michael was still somewhere on the island.


In the present on Helix, still imprisoned inside of a glass room, Sister Amy asked Brother Michael “What happened?”

“The ‘Thinning’ was difficult,” he told her on Helix. Sister Amy said to Michael that she was sorry that she had not done his will and had not agreed to be his wife and bear him children.

Sister Amy asked Brother Michael to let her “take Abigail’s place.” Michael had killed Abigail in an earlier episode of Helix this season. He released Amy from the glass room she had been imprisoned in. Then, Landry came into the room.

“I’m afraid there’s been a change in plans,” Sister Amy told Michael on Helix. “There won’t be a planting ritual today, or ever.”

Armed Navy military personnel that the CDC had sent to extract the CDC team on Helix came and broke down the doors. They told Peter Farragut that they would be evacuated, because St. Germain was no longer the only island that was under quarantine. The virus was spreading. Helix went to a commercial break.

When Helix came back after the break, the female officer in charge, Lieutenant Commander Winger, asked Peter if all of the dead bodies were “the result of the pathogen.” Peter said “They were all murdered.”

On Helix, Dr. Kyle Sommers suggested that maybe the bees were spread out and got carried by the wind and had gone to the other islands.

Peter and the others were asked if Alan was also around. The officer in charge, Winger, said both of them would be needed. She would give them 24 hours to mourn the dead, and then they would be evauated from the island.

Outside, Peter asked Anne “Are you okay?”

“I feel she lost, so alone,” she told him on Helix.

“I won’t let them destroy your home,” Peter said.

Peter added “My friends may not care if they get a proper burial, but I do.”

Brother Michael told Amy elsewhere in the Abbey on Helix that he had put Sister Agnes out of her misery. Brother Michael told her “No matter what you do I will live forever.”

She replied, “Good. I’m counting on it.”


On Helix, Kyle showed Sarah a genealogy book. He said it looked like everyone on the island had descended from one single father. Sarah told him that Brother Michael was listed as the father of everyone in the book, but Kyle did not believe that a man could live for over five hundred years.

Sarah told him “We need to talk.” She revealed her true eyes to him, showing him that they were silver and that she was also an Immortal. Then, Helix headed to another commercial break.

Back from the break on Helix, Kyle asked her if what she was saying was “payback” of some sort. He thought she was kidding him, and said “This is crazy.” She asked him how she could have healed so quickly, then.

“No, there’s no way that’s true,” Dr. Kyle Sommers said to her on Helix.

Sarah ate something nasty that would kill an ordinary person, to show Kyle she was Immortal. “Delicious,” she said.

Peter and Sister Anne talked on Helix about Michael. He told her that there were 500 Immortals “at the beginning.” Sister Anne realized that she and everybody else on the island “had been such fools.”

The Navy personnel opened fire on a couple of the mycotic islanders. Alan and Sarah told the military leader that they needed to do an “autopsy” to show that they might be the key, because they should have died days ago, but they had somehow continued to live.

Amy had Landry put Michael in the pit. Michael said he had killed thousands of his children, and would kill thousands more. “Get on with it! Fill this pit with snakes, rats, whatever — armies have tried to kill me and failed.”

“A fitting end for a king, if I do say so, myself,” Amy told him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Michael asked.

“Creating a fitting monument,” she replied.

“You can’t do this to me!” he said.”I’m your father!”

“I’m a dandelion,” she said.

“No matter what you do to me, I will live forever, and you will die!” he yelled. His yelling was stifled by being entombed.

In the future on Helix, Jules found the tomb, and pounded on the stone engraved with Michael’s name. Entombed alive, Michael pounded back, and Jules pulled back the stone, showing that Michael was still inside and very much alive. Helix then went to another commercial break.

Helix returned after the break, with Sarah saw Amy and asked her where Michael was. “I’m sorry. Michael’s no longer in charge here.”

Sarah accused Amy of having “ripped the baby out of her.” Amy offered to help Sarah find her baby.

Dr. Kyle Sommers and Alan made small talk about “all that Immortality stuff,” while they were doing the autopsy. “It all goes back to Ilaria,” Alan said. Kyle did not want to believe him.

Winger came in, and asked what had happened. The dead man’s teeth had red tree sap on them. “This island is littered with corpses. I don’t want to add another name to it,” Winger said.

Sarah left, saying “Get out of my way,” to Peter.

Peter said “If you leave, you’re finished with my team, understand?”

“It never was your team,” she said. “It was Alan’s.”

Sarah asked Alan to help her stay on the island. “I need to find our baby. Please!” He agreed to help her.

Anne went into Michael’s old office and saw Amy there sitting in a chair. She asked Amy “What is going on here?”

“Mother! Do you think I should keep the rug?”

“Where’s Michael?” What did you do?”

“I did what you never had the courage to do.” Amy added “The Abbey is mine now.” She told Anne that she had lost the right to have anything to do with the island.

“You can never be like him!” Anne said.

“I don’t want to be like him,” Amy replied. “I want more.” At those words, Helix again headed to more commercials.

Helix came back after the break, with Michael and Jules walking on the island in the future. “Why did you release me? What is it that you want from me?” Michael asked her. She said she came 30 years ago to look for him, but she could not find him. She said she was “looking for a child.”

“I remember,” he said. He was heavily bearded now on Helix.

“Can you tell me where it is?” she asked him.

“Tell you, no. I can show you,” he answered.

In the present on Helix, Kyle asked Alan where Sarah was, and he told her he was helping her. Winger showed up and asked him what was the holdup.

In the future on Helix, Michael led Jules to a part of the island by the sea. “I swear it was here!” he told her. He knocked her off of a cliff side. She was barely hanging on.

“I wouldn’t want any of your friends to know where I was,” Michael said on Helix. “Better to be discrete, don’t you think? Out of sight, out of mind.”

Behind Michael, Caleb swung the sword that Julia’s father had given her as he was dying, cutting off Michael’s head. He helped her back up and Helix went to another commercial break.


In the last couple of minutes of Helix, Amy said “May I call you Sarah?”

“What happened to my baby?” Dr. Sarah Jordan asked Amy.

Sarah accused Amy and the other islanders of giving her an abortion. Amy said they had not given her an abortion, they had induced labor. She showed Sarah that they still had the baby, in a glass enclosure. She revealed that they had her baby, and said that Sarah could have it back, “If you grant me immortality.”

That was the conclusion of another twisted but cool episode of Helix. The virus has spread, Michael is dead, Sarah found out what happened to her baby, and Amy appears like she wants to take over where her father left off. If Sarah is able to grant Amy immortality, maybe she will try to carry out her own mad dream of creating a perfect world on St. Germain, with her good old buddy, Landry. Tune in next week, to watch another episode of Helix!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. Douglas Cobb   March 8, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Yeah, well…I didn’t write the show, of course. I think it’s a pretty good series, but some parts of it are definitely more believable than some other parts. The scene looked kind of cool, though….

  2. brendakay56   March 7, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    So a cult on an island which lives in very simplistic conditions without proper medical facilities, somehow has a extremely technological incubator for Sarah baby, huh?


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