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National Geographic

National Geographic magazine was founded by a nonprofit organization called the National Geographic Society. One of the magazines main goals was to increase and spread geographic knowledge to the rest of the world. It became a monthly magazine in an 1896, and it was led by a man named Gilbert Grosvenor. At least 50 percent of the magazine content, is composed of enticing and stunning photography, that captures someone’s eyes. This magazine is a mix of photo journalism and investigative research dealing with issues and information of geography around the world. Many consider National Geographic to be one of the world’s best magazines.

National Geographic’s articles focus on a wide array of topics, such as the environment, deforestation, wildlife, global warming, and awareness of endangered species around the world. Their articles also spark the curiosity of exploration, as well as archaeological discoveries made in the past and in the present, and agricultural products. Many of their more interesting articles are in-depth evaluations and interviews, with unique and fascinating cultures and societies around the globe. National Geographic has a wide range of content, that is always well documented and researched by the many journalists and photo journalists that make up the staff for the organization and the magazine. As well as articles about all of the topics above, National Geographic magazine contains many stunning and visual photographs that can supplement the use of words, because their intrinsic beauty really shows.

National Geographic is important in many ways regarding the news media landscape, because they provide information regarding world issues backed by their journalists in the field. The magazine is considered the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institution in the world. For example, their Great Energy Challenge has gained international attention due to the world’s growing problem of energy consumption. National Geographic’s vice president Alexander Moen stated that “We’re enthusiastic about Planet Forward’s potential to engage young people in the complex issues related to the future of energy.” The magazine wants people to be interested and aware of this problem so that it can be fixed in the future.

Along with their energy initiative, National Geographic has other programs that will educate public making people more aware of these issues. For instance, their fresh water initiative which educated people on the world’s most important resource, and something that is vital to the survival of our population. Education is provided regarding the global demand for water, while conserving the diversity of animals inhabiting our waters. Their main goal is to reduce water the footprint on individuals, farms, communities, and corporations by the year 2025.

They are currently read by 40 million people a month, which is a staggering number in comparison with other magazines. National Geographic is considered to be quality journalism, with in-depth analysis of cultures, while reporting on pertinent issues of the world, to be one of the world’s best magazines. Without the contributions made by the magazine, the world would be an ill-informed place. Consideration must be shown to dedicated and hardworking journalists covering these stories. This organization will continue to be a staple in the magazine world and photojournalism.

By Matt Mahn


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