Chad and Niger Forces Launch Attacks Against Boko Haram


Military forces from Chad and Niger have commenced a joint operation against Boko Haram in Nigeria today. This military move shows the increasing intensity in fighting the Islamic extremist group that has been terrorizing the area. This comes just two days after dozens were killed in by a terrorist attack in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

According to military officials, Chad and Niger will conduct its first offensive move deep in the Nigeria. So far, the army has only battled Boko Haram from the border. Chad has already joined by sending forces into the northeastern region of Nigeria, winning back territory from the Sunni extremist group near the border with Cameroon.

Colonel Azem Bermandoa, a military spokesman from Chad’s army, said forces from Chad and Niger launched an offensive attack this morning and is currently underway deep inside the country. Military sources from Niger stated their troops were attacking Boko Haram militants this morning in Nigeria’s Borno state, entering the country from the southeastern region near Diffa.

Another military source states Abuja had given the go-ahead to conduct the operation. Though, the information regarding the number of forces being used has not yet been released.

By Alex Lemieux


France 24

Photo by The U.S. Army  – Flickr License


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