Colombia to Cease Bombing FARC Rebels, Peace Talks


President Juan Manuel Santos stated Colombia will temporarily ceasing bombings against FARC rebels for one month, who currently in peace talks with the government. This unilateral ceasefire was declared by FARC. Santos addressed the ceasefire during a televised address on Tuesday.

This development is seen as a large leap in the progress towards peace, ending Latin America’s longest civil war. According to reports, there has been decrease in the levels of conflict in Colombia. This led to the government and the rebels announcing that they will plan for a joint effort to remove the land times that scatter parts of Colombia.

Since the anti-government campaign by FARC started in 1964, over 220,000 people have been killed, and over five million have been displaced from their homes, forcing them to move to different areas and out of the country. Peace talks that began in 2012 have yet to produce deal between the two sides.

Though the ceasefire with FARC was announced today, Santos stated the bombings against the National Liberation Army, Colombia’s other guerrilla group, will not stop. He said the group and continuously increased its insurgency in Colombia.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Center For American Progress – Flickr License

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