Colorado Girl, 12, Poisons Her Mother Over iPhone

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It has been reported that a 12-year-old girl from Colorado has tried to poison her own mother after a dispute over her iPhone. The girl living in the city of Boulder is said to have tried to use bleach to poison her mother. According to local police, the girl was angry with her mother after she took away the girl’s iPhone. The girl has now been apprehended by the police who were informed that she had tried to kill her mother on at least two different instances.

As per the reports, the mother earlier guessed that her daughter had forgotten to thoroughly wash and rinse out a drinking glass when she smelled bleach in a smoothie that she had made. She drank it for breakfast on March 2, after which she felt sick to her stomach. A few days later, she sensed the same bleach smell in her bedroom coming from a pitcher of water. This was when she accosted her daughter who surprisingly did not try to dodge the issue. She blatantly accepted that she was trying to poison her mother and kill her because she took her iPhone away from her. The girl accepted that she had intentionally poured bleach in her mother’s smoothie and the pitcher from which she drank water.

iphoneAccording to the statements given to media by the sheriff’s office and local police, the daughter wanted to seek revenge from her mother by killing her for confiscating her iPhone. The mother of the girl later called the Boulder Community Hospital and informed them about the incidents. She has been discharged from the hospital after a thorough examination. The mother’s condition is said to be stable. The hospital officials then alerted the police about the 12-year-old girl who tried to poison her mother over the iPhone.

Recently, multiple instances of teenagers being too attached to their mobile phones have been reported around the world. Mobile phones are not just used for communication today. They have transformed into an informative and an entertainment device. Due to these qualities of the hand-held devices which are mini computers, now-a-days kids demand, plead, and beg for their personal mobile phones. Though statistically, 12 to 13 years is the average age for kids who acquire their own mobile phones, many kids who are even younger can be seen using their own smart phones. Close to 3 percent of kids under the age of 10 get their mobile phones, while 6 percent of them get their phones when they are 10 years old.

The girl has been apprehended and taken to the Boulder County Juvenile Center. She has been charged with first-degree murder attempts on two incidents. The charges were filed Friday, March 20. A probe has been initiated to look into this case closely. The charges to be pursued further would be decided by the office of the District Attorney after the final report comes out. In another comment to media, the Colorado police said that the 12-year-old girl had pre-arranged and deliberated on her plan to poison her mother for taking her iPhone away on a couple of separate instances.

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