Cruz Kicks Off GOP for the White House and the Battle Royale Begins


After a rough start in 2012, Ted Cruz is now thought of as one of the most conservative lawmakers in America. In Cruz’s speech, becoming the first major Republican to announce his run for presidency, at Liberty University in Virginia, Monday, his rhetoric was quite impressive. His speech had something for everybody. He talked about his parents reaching the almighty goal of the American Dream. He added that his dad found his Christian faith during that time. This was for the people who want to have a more optimistic GOP. He spoke to the smaller government-minded libertarians, who wish to shut down the IRS and stop executive amnesty. The setting was designed for the evangelical crowd, but Cruz also spoke to his own faith, offering no apologies for his religious beliefs. If he was not up against Rick Santorum, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, Cruz would have the social conservative vote on lock for the primaries. An interesting fact, however, is that according to Ryu Spaeth, the first Republican to announce his candidacy has not won an election since 1952. However, the gloves are out to begin the GOP fight to the White House.

Oddly enough though, Cruz’s speech was a reminder of Senator Barack Obama’s speech when he announced his candidacy in 2007 . They are both described as young, ambitious, Ivy League educated new senators who ran for the presidency before warming their Senate seats. Obama offered a message of “Hope and Change” for the voters who needed something fresh and authentic in order to believe that he could make dramatic changes in politics, the country and in his political enemies. However, Obama offered no voting record to prove he could accomplish any of his promises. He had no record of governing or climbing the political ladder. He had a “cult personality,” claims The Week, and voters just believed it would happen, and it followed.

Cruz appears to be using the same tactic. In his run for candidacy speech, he use the word ‘imagine’ 38 times, according to The Week. This was a calculated moved. Frank Luntz of The Huffington Post says that the reason the word ‘imagine’ is so powerful is because it is a unique, individual experience that causes people to think of anything better than what they have right now, they dream and it is euphoric. The word ‘imagine’ truly inspires. Also, Cruz does not use a podium, he walks the stage and is very charismatic. He knows how to work a crowd, battling hard to win-over voters to get him to the White House.

Cruz also talked about how Washington, FDR and Reagan were able to accomplish the impossible. Cruz is blatantly suggesting that there is a single man who can rebuild America, and that man is him, according, of course, to himself. His entire 30-minute speech was done without a teleprompter. This ability is attributed to his accomplished career as a lawyer speaking in front of the Supreme Court, on the spot, as well as his time on the Princeton University Debate Team as a hall-of-famer.

A current CNN poll shows that there are three vital requirements on Americans’ list in choosing the next president. The poll stated 59 percent of Americans want a presidential candidate with experience from an executive background. Around 57 percent of Americans, including 31 percent of liberals, desire a future president who will change many of the policies made in the last eight years. Younger voters want a candidate who will share their views, and older voters want someone who will turn away from Obama’s policies. Voters ages 35-49 favor Obama’s agenda, while ages 18-34 want change, tenfold.

According to the United States Constitution, a president has to be a natural born citizen. However, Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada. It was discovered in 2013, that Cruz has U.S. citizenship from his mother, but by virtue of his birth, he was a Canadian citizen. There are those who question the eligibility of Cruz’s candidacy, the Supreme Court has said nothing on the subject, but legal experts believe he is eligible for president as John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and George Romney was born in Mexico and ran for president. Two lawyers who were involved in both the Bush and Obama administrations stated in the Harvard Law Review that Cruz’s mother was a U.S. citizen, and his father was a U.S. resident, so the Constitutional requirement is fulfilled. Since this discovery in 2013, Cruz has vowed to waive his Canadian Citizenship. He said that as a U.S. Senator he should be only an American. Therefore, he wrote an official “Canadian Renunciation Letter,” May 14, 2014. This, however, could very well be a point of contention for the GOP battle to the primaries and then on to the White House.

By Jeanette Smith


The Week

The Week


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