Earthquake Hits Northern Mariana Islands


Today a 5.8 earthquake hit the Northern Mariana Islands. It was reported to be 49 miles east of Agrihan in the Northern Mariana Islands. The preliminary reports suggest the magnitude was 5.8 on the Richter scale. This, unfortunately, has not been the first of the year. This is not even the first quake of the day. This was an after shock, after a 4.7 scaled one just hours before. This is actually the 83rd quake that was reported in the Northern Mariana Islands in the last year alone.

The largest recorded quake in the islands was 22 years ago and it registered a 7.8 on the Richter scale and it devastated the region. This 5.8 earthquake is the largest earthquake to hit the region in the last month. The largest quake in the region this year registered a 6.7 on the scale.

The Mariana Islands are located in the Pacific ocean east of the Philippines This latest earthquake in the Northern Mariana Islands hopefully will not be a reoccurring problem.

By James Dixson

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Photo by: Richard Walker – Flickr License

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