Earthquake Strikes in Papua New Guinea

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A magnitude 7.7 earthquake has struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The quake was 54 kilometers southeast of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is located in the pacific ocean just north of Australia. A quake with a similar magnitude was recorded at around the same location last year. It is common for this area of the Pacific to receive very strong seismic activity.

After the quake it is possible that their will be hazardous tsunami waves in the region. A tsunami warning is in effect for the area. Hazardous tsunami waves are expected within 1000 kilometers of the epicenter. This will effect coastal Papua New Guinea as well as the nearby Solomon Islands. Local governments are expected to take immediate action to help protect citizens that are in the areas near the epicenter. No deaths have been reported as of yet, after an earthquake struck off the coast of Papua New Guinea. It may take some time to get an accurate report of the damage.

By James Dixson



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