Ed Sheeran Wedding Crash Brings Warm Cheer


Ed Sheeran crashed the wedding of Matt and Kya Debono, bringing them a warm cheer in the aftermath of their tragedy. The young couple, parents to two, were struggling to make ends meet with Matt, unemployed and Kya, working to support the family. They had been planning their wedding, along with a small reception, when their life was further derailed by the tragic suicide of Kya’s mother. Matt decided to show his support for his beloved fiancee, and appreciation for her rock-solid dedication, by contacting KIIS 106.5 in order to plan for the best possible wedding. Kyle and Jackie O interviewed the couple over the air gaining an insight to their story, and then presented them with a gift of a $60,000 wedding covering all costs, including the venue, food, wedding gown and honeymoon.

The wedding plans went forward and after their elegant ceremony, the two were about to walk onto the floor to have their first dance as husband and wife, when the two radio show hosts appeared to deliver the couple’s next surprise. That was when the 24-year-old singer, Ed Sheeran walked onto the scene and delivered a heartwarming crash and cheer to the young couple’s wedding. Matt and Kya gasped in excitement as Sheeran bode them a happy wedding day, followed by a lively performance of his romantic hit song, Thinking Out Loud, a favorite of the two lovebirds.

There is no doubt that Ed Sheeran brings an aura of personality and warm cheer in his persona. Rather than lights, sonic booms and special effects, the young star draws his audience in with his guitar loops and great song writing. In a recent tour, where he performed at the Qantas Credit Union Arena, Australian artist, Conrad Sewell opened up the show with a cover from Michael Jackson, followed by a few pop tunes. The next artist, Jamie Lawson, who proudly introduced himself to the audience as the first signed onto Sheeran’s new label, captivated the fans as more people piled into the arena. Then when Sheeran took the stage, he opened up with I’m a Mess, followed by an impromptu sing-along of Lego House.

Though the young, red-headed dynamo brought warm cheer in the wedding crash of Kyo and Matt Debono, he was recently asked about his own status which told a different story. In an interview with the same hosts, who paid for the fairytale wedding of the Debonos, Sheeran was asked as to whether or not he was dating someone. When he replied that he was not single, but had been in a long-term relationship, DJ Kyle Sandilands persisted further on the issue, asking if he was presently single, and prompting Ed to reply “yes.”

At that point, Sheeran confirmed rumors that he and his longtime girlfriend Athina Andrelos, with whom he had planned on moving in, had indeed split. According to sources, Sheeran had been drinking quite a bit at a BRIT Awards after-party last month. Heat Magazine was told by the source that the next day, on the way to the airport, he had broken up with Athina because his talking to other girls on nights out was unfair to both of them.

Sheeran, the singer who crashed Kia and Matt’s wedding bringing them warm cheer, will be featured this upcoming weekend at the iHeartRadio Music Awards where he picked up two nominations; one for Best Lyrics for his hit, Thinking Out Loud, and the second for Best Fan Army. Perhaps the newlywed Debonos will crash the event as its newest members – the Sheerios.

By Bill Ades

E! Online
The Daily Telegraph
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