Facebook Adds New Guidelines on What Is Allowed to Be Posted


Facebook has rolled out a new list of content guidelines which has confused many social media users. Many people do not know of they have to use their legal names when signing up to use the Facebook or if it is safe to post photos with people drinking, smoking, and other activities that may be denounced by people and other social media users. Though, Facebook is now making it clear what exactly they mean with their new Community Standards on the site.

Many of these guidelines remove the gray areas in social media. First, someone only needs to their “authentic identity,” meaning a nickname to sign up for the site or if someone identifies with a non-traditional gender. Moreover, Facebook clarifies that someone can mention and post hate speech when using social commentary. The guidelines also refines its stipulations on nudity, harassment, and what happens to someone’s profile when they die. Furthermore, Facebook has explicitly banned sexual exploitation like revenge porn and predation.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Niall Kennedy – Flickr License



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