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Fugitive From U.S. Caught in Thai Islands



A U.S. fugitive who has been on the run since 2009 has been caught on a popular tourist island in Thailand. The fugitive, Kelly Lynn Miller, 36, fled the country due to prison time handed down over a fatal car crash she caused. Authorities stated Miller discarded her U.S. passport and other identification documents and has been hopping between three Thai islands over the last few years.

Miller gave birth to a child on the small island of Samui. It is currently believed that her U.S. relatives have been sending her money to support her and her son. According to recent reports, U.S. authorities learned about the location of the fugitive and were tracking her for over a month before she was apprehended. Authorities stated the father of Miller’s child is in Thailand; however, she did not inform him that she was a fugitive.

Miller is now being detained by Phuket City Police and will most likely be charged with overstaying in Thailand. Moreover, she will be extradited to the U.S., along with her son, to face charges caused by her fugitive status.

In 2004, Miller was charged with a DUI in an accident that caused the death of a tractor-trailer driver on an interstate in Hoover, Alabama. Two years later, after pleading guilty, Miller was sentenced to five years when she was indicted on vehicular homicide charges. She fled Alabama before reporting to do her sentence and was labeled a fugitive in 2010.

By Alex Lemieux


Fox News

Photo by Ian Fuller – Flickr License