Guns and America: When Will It Stop?


Whatever happened to serving and protecting? It seems as if the times have changed regarding the behavior and responsibility of law enforcement officers, and the way our young black males are having to deal with it. In 2012, 123 African-Americans were shot dead by police with guns.

However, is it really accurate to blame city police departments for all the deaths by guns? In the African-American community, voices rise when yet another video surfaces depicting the gunning down of a black male, yet barely rise to an audible whisper when confronted with the mistakes the black male may have made to cause the officer to have no other choice but to resort to guns. The fact that these men fail to comply, appear aggressive, or have histories of violence are easily overlooked.

In addition, the media plays a considerable role in shaping the news reports and information released to the public in relation to death by guns. Ratings, popularity, and getting the story out first are becoming more important than accurately informing the public viewers. These social media sites help perpetuate these occurrences by uploading edited videos or sound clips, never speaking with eyewitnesses, and even tampering with the footage showing guns being used to kill an individual.

It is all so disturbing. One finds themselves wondering just when it all will end. As in, end for good and result in no more deaths by guns. Are humans destined to destroy each other until there are not any of them left? It cannot truly be that difficult to build each other up, versus tear anyone that doesn’t fit their definition of ‘acceptable’ down. This does not have to be a dog eat dog world, if only the people would pet the next puppy instead of snapping at its ankles.

It should be remembered, however, to applaud those who are not afraid to stand up for what is right, regardless of the color of the skin a person lives in. Human rights cross over every racial line that ever existed. One day, people must all stop viewing each other as the enemy and start seeing the opportunities that arise when communities work together. The children of this day and age are the forgotten victims. No longer are the tools to become a productive citizen being taught. The proper way to use a firearm/guns seems to be common knowledge for children by the age ten years old.

People have got to do better. They need to bring America back; the land of the free, home of the brave. The country’s forefathers had a vision for this country, and it is a direct slap in the face when America plummets downhill year after year. For the people, by the people? Yeah, right. Forget the people, buy the people is a better fit. Parents, should educate the nation’s children on how to steer clear of troublemaking, and provoking police officials to approach them for any reason. Some things can be easily prevented.

Officers need to take a breather regarding their guns. As the public assumes, every shot does not have to kill. Training teaches how to disarm or disable a suspect versus using guns, so there is a level of personal responsibility that these officers need to be held accountable for. The judicial system needs to crack down on these officers who shoot to kill when it is unwarranted. There is just no way to convince the black community that each one of these guns shootings, time after time, is justifiable.

Everyone needs to think more with their hearts regarding racism. Contrary to popular belief, it does still exist and is alive and well. The color of skin does not make any one person right, nor does it make any one person wrong, even regarding death by guns. It should be seen as astonishing that present days are starting to reflect more and more the days of the past. However, sometimes it is clear that this behavior is a result of generations of exposure to such blatant racism being treated as acceptable.

Opinion By Rozalyn Crockett

Photo by Will Marlow – Flickr License

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    Well said…

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    Loved it…and deep but so…real


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