Hillary Clinton vs the GOP [Video]


Hillary Clinton is going head to head with the GOP. The GOP has plenty of ammunition too, but Clinton’s wit and political common sense has her turning the tables. Hillary has taken many hard hits concerning her personal email and the Clinton Foundation is being questioned about how legitimate their donations truly are. Well Clinton has come out swinging!

Thursday, Clinton went to Atlantic City to make her final paid speech before she announces her plans to campaign for the presidency of the American Camp Association. In her speech, Clinton says Americans are suffering from a ‘fun deficit’ so Americans need camps for adults. Americans have become more tolerant, less sexist, racist and homophobic, but it is extremely difficult to be around people who do not share the same political views. To help this issue, in the  fun camps there will be two cabins. One cabin will be blue and the other cabin will be red and the two cabins will have to come together and “actually listen to each other!” Totally ground breaking idea.

The GOP responded with a little blurb on the GOP website. It is called “Four Things to do at Hillary’s Fun Camp.” The GOP’s answer to Hillary suggesting the two parties listen to each other is as follows: First, the Do-it-yourself activity. Build a Secret computer server. Second, Tell Campfire Stories. Tell lies about yourself. Third, Memories Kept in Scrapbooking. Make a keepsake list of political enemies, and fourth, play Hide & Seek. You have to  hide from the media and seek tremendous speaking fees. Mudslinging. And she has not yet announced that she is going to run for president. The GOP responds to the idea of listening to each other, working together, coming together with mudslinging. She is a serious threat to the GOP, because she has been here before, she has the experience no one else has, she was the First Lady.

Hillary plans to fight back and use the record and the priorities of the congressional Republicans to fight back. Clinton fought back on Twitter earlier this week. Clinton said the Republicans are “playing politics” with a black nominee, waging war on women, endangering America’s economic recovery, ripping off students and planning to snatch healthcare away from 16 million Americans. she kept up the tweets addressing sensitive issues such as: healthcare, abortion, and race that were very straightforward. Last week, she spoke out against the 47 Republicans who signed the letter to Iran, she believes that signing that letter and undermining the President was a bad move for anyone wanting to run for president. No presidential hopefuls in that group.

Congressional Republicans are not giving up. There are still inquiries going on concerning Clinton’s email scandal. The GOP has resurrected the investigations, when Hillary was Secretary of State, into four American deaths in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. However, all the scandal information being dug up is only working in her favor. Republicans say the scandal, investigations, “conservative fury and bursts of indignation” feel like old times between the Republicans and Bill Clinton in the 90’s.

Clinton is going after congressional Republicans who have a lower approval rating, over individual presidential hopefuls of the GOP. She intends to link every Republican to what Democrats believe to be unappealing, overreaching and unpopular policies. The best candidate for the Democrats will be the one who can make a strong connection with the economically vulnerable and the middle class.

Clinton has long been fighting for women. She plans to explain and broaden her claim of the congressional Republican “trifecta against women.” It is anticipated that Hillary will announce her candidacy in April. Currently, she is at least 11 points ahead of every Republican possible. She also leads Vice President Joe Biden by 47 points and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) by 52 points. These numbers were from Wednesday’s polls. 69 percent of Democrats said she should be their 2016 nominee. Hillary Clinton is taking on the GOP.

By Jeanette Smith




The Washington Post

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