Russia Uses Nukes to Threaten Denmark


Russia has used the nuke threat to stop Denmark from joining the missile defense shield of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The ambassador of Russia to Denmark declared that his country will nuke Denmark’s naval ships and other targets if the nation from Scandinavia did go forward and joined NATO’s shield.

The ambassador was speaking about Denmark’s proposal of joining the western alliance. His comments have caused a serious diplomatic incident and furor in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capitol city. The ambassador went on to say that in case Denmark joins NATO’s missile defense shield it would be seen as an open threat to the Kremlin and that would invoke an adequate amount of response from Russia. He also said that Denmark would be the cause of any military action and it would be responsible for all repercussions.

russiaMikhail Vanin, commented that he thinks that the Danes did not completely understand the repercussion and the outcome of Denmark joining the NATO shield. He said that if Denmark does go through with its proposal of joining the missile shield, the Danish warships would become clear and primary targets of Russian nukes. He further said that it would be a decision of Denmark to salvage the situation and its diplomatic relations. He mentioned that escalating the issue would cause huge monetary and security losses for Denmark. It is also worth mentioning that the NATO missile defense shield is led by the United States and secures the partner nations who are members of the alliance.

Europe has been witnessing increased tensions due to the Ukrainian conflict after Russia annexed the Crimean region and gained control of the water transport routes through the Black Sea. The prime minister of UK, David Cameron met other leaders from the European Union and reached an agreement about extending the sanctions against Russia. The sanctions would be in place until the country meets the terms and demands mentioned in the Ukrainian ceasefire agreement.

russiaDenmark’s foreign minister, And Martin Lidegaard rejected the threats of nuclear missiles being against Denmark. He said that such threats were unacceptable and clarified that the missile defense system of NATO is used for defensive purposes. He also emphasized that though the two countries disagreed with each other on various issues, the tone of the diplomatic dialogue must always remain positive. There are proposals from the UK to finance and provide help for democratic nations across Europe that risk being intimidated by Russia due to of lack resources.

Many countries in the Baltic region are facing an enormous threat of invasion by Russian forces on Vladimir Putin’s orders. Tensions have arisen to a point where Lithuania, a country which does not even share its border with Russia had to introduce compulsory enlistment in the military for all its citizens. Dalia Grybauskaite, the President of Lithuania, explained that it was a necessary step that had to be taken to strengthen the country’s armed forces which only have 15,000 soldiers as of now. The Russian threat of using nukes against Denmark would definitely heighten tensions in the region and across Europe.

By Ankur Sinha

The Independent
Yahoo News
The Times Of India

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2 Responses to "Russia Uses Nukes to Threaten Denmark"

  1. A.   March 23, 2015 at 3:16 am

    Lithuania DOES share its border with Russia – Kaliningrad oblast is Russia’s territory and, by the way, a very militarized territory.

  2. Ukraine2014   March 22, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Now, we see how Russia REALLY operates! No surprise for the ex-Warsaw Pact countries and ex-USSR republics that is why they ALL wanted to join NATO.


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