How to Squeeze in Time for Exercise at Work


The old adage, Your health is your wealth, is as relevant today as it has always been, and fitness is one of the most important areas upon which to improve in the quest for good health. Nevertheless, in today’s hectic world of rushing from work to home and running errands, it is difficult to squeeze time in for exercise on a daily, or even a weekly, basis.

The key to finding time to exercise is to be creative. Not all those wishing to exercise have free time after their workday is finished to squeeze in a workout, especially when children need to be picked up or dinner needs to be prepared. Luckily, there are some fairly easy ways to sneak exercise into a daily work routine, no matter which type of environment in which a person works. For those people who work at a gym, including locker room attendants and receptionists, it is easy to take a quick 15-minute walk on the treadmill to vastly improve one’s fitness. However, not all people work in a gym, and those who do not may wonder how to gain access to gym equipment, or how to exercise while wearing work clothing, even a pencil skirt and four-inch heels.

There are many options for those who desire to get in some exercise while on the go. Many people work in multi-storied buildings which have stairs. Instead of taking the elevator, one can make a set goal of how many times they would like to go up and down the stairs each week. Taking short breaks during the workday to fit in a couple more reps of stairs will not only create defined, muscular legs, but the cardiovascular part of the activity will help to maintain a healthy heart, which according to the American Heart Association, is one of the best ways to keep heart disease at bay.

For those who take an hour-long lunch break, dividing the break in half and fitting in some exercise before eating is a great way to maintain a healthy level of fitness. A breakfast containing protein will help keep the hunger pangs at bay and fuel a mini-workout during lunch. Inviting co-workers to join in the exercise will keep everyone accountable and keep the workout fun. Walking the perimeter of the building or up and down flights of stairs are both good ways to exercise with co-workers. This also counts as good-for-your-heart cardiovascular work. Some employers also offer group workout classes at the workplace, with yoga becoming a popular way to fit exercise into the workday.

Forming workout clubs with co-workers, using the stairs instead of the elevator and taking mini-breaks to walk are all good ways to fit in time to exercise each day. Just a small amount of time spent moving instead of sitting can do wonders for health, and help keep diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease at bay. It is not necessary to achieve the fitness level of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez or Mark Wahlberg to positively impact one’s health. Just a few minutes of exercise each day will do the trick.

Written by Jameelah Sanders


Image by IvanClow – Flickr License

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