Identifying Body Imbalances to Attain Good Health


Good nutrition is an important key in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, however there are many other lifestyle choices that are also crucial for good health. In order to have complete balance in your life, and to avoid complications from serious diseases, it is necessary to understand how the elements for a healthy lifestyle work together.

There are four main elements to a healthy lifestyle. The first of these is food. Good-quality food is vital to good health. Organic or homegrown foods are the gold standard, and with time, they have become much more readily available.

Many foods grown commercially are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides, which can be very harmful in the quest to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, many of the fruits, grains and vegetables being sold have been genetically modified, which means that the DNA of the organism has been altered in order to achieve a desired effect. Foods that appear pristine with no bruising should be examined thoroughly to determine if they have been genetically modified in such a way as to allow it to withstand the long trips from farms to supermarkets. If fruits and vegetables appear fresh after two weeks, can they truly be healthy?

Unlike the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables, there are many foods over which consumers do not have control. Manufactured food may contain bacteria or other harmful organisms which cause illness and possibly lead to imbalances which may in turn cause disease, effectively killing the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Herbs are used for their healing or medicinal quality, but it is crucial to educate oneself in the proper way to use them. Usually, the body will give off signs to help indicate which herbs it needs and which to avoid in order to aid in a healthy lifestyle.

The body consists of around 74 percent water, which is vital for good health. Water is necessary for good conductivity as well as many other processes in the body. Unfortunately, many people do not drink enough water, leading them to wonder why their bodies do not seem to function properly. Tap water may be contaminated with industrial water, artificial hormones, agricultural runoff or other substances, so bottled water is considered to be the best way to stay hydrated. Signs of dehydration include headache, joint pain, low back pain, constipation, neck pain and fatigue.

Sleep is also necessary for good health. Slumber helps with growth, healing and the rebalancing of your mind, body and spirit. Many people have an imbalance of or a deficiency in sleep. Restless sleep is also harmful and the cause must be determined before the imbalance leads to greater issues with health.

Knowing which foods to eat and which to avoid is an important part of maintaining good health. In order for the body to properly heal and the function of the body tissues and organs to remain optimized, it is vital to not only eat properly, but to ensure good sleep and hydration as well. But how does one know if an imbalance in one of these elements is causing the loss of a healthy lifestyle? The easiest and safest way to identify an imbalance is to have a session with a Certified Body Code Practitioner who will be able to pinpoint just what the body needs, allowing for the attainment of good health.

Opinion by Sue Kennedy

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