Insurgent Star Shailene Woodley Shares an Unbelievable Message

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Everyone is familiar with the run-of-the-mill movie star. They are generally vain and infamously wealthy, inconsiderate and self-absorbed. Shailene Woodley, the leading lady in the upcoming headliner Insurgent, however, is a very pleasant exception to that rule. This young starlet has one thing that many up-and-coming celebrities lack: a platform with a powerfully unbelievable message.

This message is one that rests on a supportive platform standing for self-awareness, environmentalism, compassion, and love. In Insurgent, Woodley stands on this platform, radiating peace as a quiet beacon of hope beaming that humanity is not lost. Perhaps what is most surprising is that this actress knows the type of influence available to her and she is not afraid to admit it.

In an recent interview with the online magazine Natural Health, she boldly stated, “So many things are demanding change, and if anything has a platform to do it, it is this industry.” In the very next breath, Woodley committed to take advantage of the opportunity and be what many of her Insurgent cast members describe her as an authentic and positive young woman living her truth. When asked about the way she lives her life, she commented, “None of us can change anything in this world, but we can change ourselves and stand up for what we believe in and talk about it.”

Much like Tris, the main character in Insurgent, Woodley massages together two unbelievably different sides of herself by believing in her innate strength. She gracefully ensures that every aspect of her conscious belief system is represented in her professional representation, shared through her unbelievable message that is embodied in Insurgent.

In her personal life, Woodley does everything in her power to live sustainably. Her goal, she admits, is to show that the world can be changed if each person does their part. Regular adventures with friends involve gathering wild herbs and plants for her kitchen and medicine cabinet. To further celebrate her zeal for a life inspired by her time in Hawaii while filming The Descendants, she even makes regular appearances at music festivals that allow her to fully connect with the wild girl she believes lives in her heart.

Under flashing lights, the young actress maintains her integrity and wears clothing and jewelry that embodies a modest grace in a way that older generations believe have become a lost art in Hollywood and America’s millennials. Even her cast comments on the radiant positivity and authenticity that flows from her on the set of Insurgent.

When one reviews the radiant star’s acting career, this conscious attitude surfaces again. Woodley stated that, when it comes to choosing new work, she prefers to select movies that allow her to remain true to herself, much like her character in Insurgent. Another recent work, The Fault in Our Stars, afforded her the ability to play a role that exuded the power, strength, and maturity communicated in the book’s pages. This will also be true of her character in Insurgent.

A young Hollywood star with such an unbelievable message is something America has not seen in years. In the book form of Insurgent, the prose emanates a true, unfettered message of hope through sacrifice. It is refreshing, and quite frankly, long overdue substance that Insurgent fans have welcomed. This young starlet’s radiant presence will be embodied in her character of Tris in the movie Insurgent that will be shown on the big screen on March 20, 2015.

Opinion by Krystyna Hutson


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