Lunch Hour Workout: Fight Fat in 10 Minutes

workoutMany office workers, especially those who sit behind desks all day staring at a computer, believe their desk job is making them fat. It is a fact that it is very easy to gain weight in such an occupation because inactivity and increasing stress can lead to weight gain. The truth is, even with a stationary job weight gain is avoidable.

Fitness guru John Rowley has created a 10 minute lunchtime “desk-ercise” workout that will help people avoid the extra pounds and even lose some of the weight they already have. Rowley’s workout circuit calls for no equipment, but will allow individuals to feel the burn as they work every muscle in the body.

It is time to take control and refuse to allow a desk job to cause unwanted pounds and ill-health. This quick workout is great for all levels and can be done anywhere. These workouts have been designed to get the heart rate up, muscles moving and that body ready for the beach.  The “desk-ercise” workout is only five minutes and can be performed right in the same area as the average workstation. Here are the simple steps included in this brief, but efficient workout:

  1. Desk push ups for 30 seconds
  2. The Wall sit: Use the wall closest to the workstation. Sit at a 90-degree angle with the knees aligned with toes. Do this for one minute.
  3. Calf raises: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, lift up on to toes slowly while stretching calf muscles. Hold one second and release. Do this for one minute.
  4. Hamstring kickbacks: Stand behind a chair and hold onto back for support. Slowly kick one foot back, aiming the heel for the top of the thigh. Hold for two seconds, then lower the foot back down and repeat exercise with the other leg. Do this for 30 seconds per leg
  5. Leg lifts: Sit in office chair, holding chair arms or bottom.  Straighten legs and lift slowly to a 90-degree angle. Maintain position for three seconds, then slowly lower. Do this for one minute by repeating approximately 30 times.workout
  6. Time-Saver Toe Taps: Sit on desk chair with back straight and legs out. Tap those toes as fast as possible on the floor underneath the desk or on nearby trash container. Do this for 30 seconds.

The next workout is Rowley’s lunchtime toning circuit. This set of exercises last for 10 minutes and may mandate more space, but does not require added equipment. This can be accomplished by the following:

  1. Jumping jacks for one minute to total about 60 reps – These get the heart pumping while warming up the entire body.
  2. Push ups for 30 seconds. Tip: Hands should be placed a little wider than shoulders, while maintaining the body in a straight line.
  3. Bicycle Crunches for one minute. Tip: Instead of clasping hands behind head, tighten ab muscles to lift head, shoulders, and upper back.
  4. Wall sits for two minutes. Tip: Knees should be bent and kept parallel to the floor.
  5. Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds. Tip: Do not lock the elbows.
  6. Burpees for one minute. Tip: Do not go too fast and maintain control of body.
  7. Alternating Lunges for one minute with 30 reps each leg. Tip: When lunging out, bend knee until it is parallel to the floor.
  8. Planks for one minute. Tip: Use core and keep head up and body in a straight line.
  9. Push ups for one minute.
  10. Conclude by returning to Jumping Jacks for one minute.

John Rowley’s 10 Minute Lunchtime Circuit and “Desk-ercise” Workouts are two no-equipment, compact circuits created to work each muscle in the body in 10 minutes or less. These workouts are designed for all levels and are not location restricted.  Whether at the gym or stuck at the office, there is no excuse to get the heart rate pumping  and those muscles moving.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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