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A year ago today, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared. At 1:19 am, March 8, the last words from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to air traffic controllers was a routine sign off before it went missing. Still, there have been no clues as to the whereabouts of the Boeing 777 and its 239 people on board.

Experts have claimed that the data collected indicates the flight path from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Beijing was veered, and put the 777 over the southern Indian ocean –  this is where the search area is. Many people are wondering if the plane even landed in the ocean, people speculate that it could have landed on an island or solid ground.

Several theories have arisen due to the missing aircraft and the people on board. Three separate theories suggest that someone, either the pilot(s), passengers, or a third party, attempted to control the plane, when in the cockpit, for nefarious reasons.

Another theory suggests that the plane somehow made it through the Chinese border, and then flew all the way to Kazakhstan – this would explain why there are no pieces in the ocean. The mechanical failure theory says, that the plane mysteriously landed somewhere due to total electrical failure. There are so many generators from different places, and it is difficult to imagine this theory, according to Jim Tilmon, an aviation expert, as well as a retired American Airlines pilot. Tilmon went on to say he has never heard of anything like that happening.

China has said it will still search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and its missing passengers. The deputy prime minister of Australia has said that the searching cannot go on forever, and is in discussions to call off the search between Australia, Malaysia, and China. The search is rumored to end within weeks for Australia, but not China. Most of the passengers on the plane were from China, while only four were from Australia.

Malaysia Airlines has started compensation work for the families of the victims. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said “We will provide all necessary assistance… to each family of those on the plane.” In late January, the Malaysian government declared Flight 370 as an accident, and said that the 239 passengers on-board were presumed dead.

Ships have been looking for the past year for Flight 37o. The ships carrying sonar have searched 44 percent of the 60,000-square-kilometer area off of the west coast of Australia. The ships were looking in the area because investigators who have analyzed the transmissions between the aircraft and satellite, say that the plane’s transponder and other equipment was switched off and then crashed.

Malaysia has announced that the people on-board the plane are deceased. In an effort to prevent anything like this from happening, Malaysia Airlines has begun tracking long-haul flights every 15 minutes, rather than the normal 30 minutes: this is happening approximately one year ahead of the standard.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing one year ago, but despite the inclination to stop, China has decided to continue searching until some sort of conclusion is reached as to what happened to the missing people. Other Malaysian aircraft have gone missing as well, also due to accidents.

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