McDonald’s Customer Attacked Cashier for Overcharged Order


A McDonald’s cashier in Georgia was attacked by an angry customer after his order accidentally rung up incorrectly. Reportedly upon realizing he had been overcharged Willis Mann jumped over the counter, choked the cashier and punched him. The cashier suffered minor injuries, while his attacker now has bigger issues than an overcharged over.

Witnesses of the incident were startled, to say the least. Fast food orders get mixed up all the time, according to one witness, but it is an easy fix. What started out as a regular order for Willis resulted in an arrest along with felony aggravated assault charges. Police officer Herman Lamar said:

The incident was crazy. I do not know what this world is coming to.

This is not a first for McDonald’s fast food chain. According to news reports, across the country people have been getting irrationally angry over mixed-up orders. Last December, an angry customer in Tennessee pulled a gun on an employee of McDonald’s after he forgot to include a cheeseburger in the man’s order. The customer ordered multiple meals at the drive-thru, paid, received his food and drove off.

Shortly after, the man returned to the drive-thru to complain. The manager asked him to pull his car over stating he would bring the burger out to him. Minutes later the man stormed into the restaurant demanding to receive his burger and some additional items while waving a gun. Thankfully, the man received the requested items and no one was hurt.

In April 2013, a cop was arrested after pulling a gun on a customer in the drive-thru for “holding up the line.” A teen and his friends were waiting at the window for their order when the officer, who was behind them in line, exited his vehicle and yelled at the boy, “Stop holding up the line.” The teen said the man went back to his vehicle and quickly returned.  He leaned inside the boy’s car, pointed a gun at him and asked if he knew who he was.McDonald's

These are just a few instances of tensions running high when hunger is involved. Could hunger really be the source or is a great portion of the world on stress overload? Neuroscientist Ki Goosens and her team at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research published a study which could link hunger to stress. The research suggested a hormone called ghrelin, which is made in the stomach and known as the hunger hormone, may be a key to post-traumatic stress disorder and other stress-related mental illnesses.

Even if hunger is not the source, stress is more prevalent today than it was many years ago. There is a greater amount of workplace violence, road rage, and more taking place in everyday situations. Although stress can be healthy, when mismanaged it will more likely lead to angry behavior and depression. When there exists a combination of stressors which keep piling up and the person does not know to handle them there is usually an anger outburst on the horizon.

The underlining issue in the recent McDonald’s incident has not been confirmed, however, there has to be more to Mr. Mann’s story where this is concerned. In a life free from stress or mental illness, an overcharged order would have been handled much differently.  Instead, upon realizing he had been overcharged, Willis Mann jumped over the counter, attacked the cashier and landed in jail.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


MIT Study

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