Former Governor John Rowland Sentenced to 30 Months for Felony Corruption


Former Connecticut governor John G. Rowland has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for his second felony conviction on corruption charges. A federal judge handed down his sentence on Wednesday. Rowland must also pay $35,000 and serve three years probation, following his jail sentence. This sentencing come 10 years after his primary conviction on felony charges for accepting illegal gifts while he was governor.

Rowland’s second felony conviction is for his inability to report campaigning he did for Lisa Wilson-Foley’s 2012 congressional campaign. Rowland’s defense attorneys had previously argued that federal prosecutors withheld documents and additional information from them regarding the contract he had with Wilson-Foley. Wilson-Foley testified before a judge during Rowland’s September trial and stated his contract was a misrepresentation of a deal that was constructed to pay him for his campaign work.

Though, Wilson-Foley was not required to be a witness, and her attorney stated she believed Rowland was a volunteer who was being compensated for work at her husband’s company. Rowland’s lawyers claimed they would have called her to testify as a witness if they had known the information prior to the trial.

Federal prosecuting attorneys tried to have the judge to impose a 40 to 46 month sentence for Rowland’s crimes, as well as a 10-month sentence for Wilson-Foley. Her sentence has been postponed by the court. Wilson-Foley was convicted and sentenced back in January, receiving three years probation and three months in a halfway house.

By Alex Lemieux


New Haven Register

Photo by Adam Fagen – Flickr License


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