Miley Cyrus Boyfriend Caught Cheating

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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus is in the headlines again, but this time she was not the one caught on camera. Cyrus’s boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, was caught cheating while doing body shots on a girl that he says is the girlfriend of one of his best friends. The girl in question is named Natalie and pictured hanging out with her and Schwarzenegger at a CSU football game last fall.

Schwarzenegger’s famous family has weighed in on the incident. Patrick’s sister has jumped to his aid publicly by stating on Twitter that people need to stop “spreading hate” on the Internet by insinuating that her brother cheated. According to Patrick and his sister, he is innocent and the incident does not indicate any wrongdoing. The young man in question is not only the son of famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but also of Maria Shriver, who is part of the larger Kennedy clan. The Kennedy men have a reputation for seeing women outside of their marriages, not to mention the now infamous affair his father had with their housekeeper.

It is not clear if she is okay with the pictures of her boyfriend taking body shots off of Natalie, but she was seen later that night wearing a tight backless bodysuit to attend a show at The Laugh Factory. The Schwarzenegger clan is apparently close to the Wrecking Ball singer as she was seen giving hugs to the family during a recent night out at a restaurant. Cyrus arrived late and made the rounds hugging everyone at the table.

Schwarzenegger defended himself on Twitter saying, “OMG, it’s one of my best friend’s girlfriends.” The famous son is not worried that Cyrus will come to the wrong conclusion concerning his pictures, and Cyrus has not commented publicly about the photos.

The singer has been in the public eye because of her skimpy outfits and wild behavior. It has been a long road from the previous girl next door image for Cyrus. The singer has been trying to separate herself from her Disney image since she turned 21 last year. Cyrus has made her own headlines in the past with her notorious Wrecking Ball pictures for her album, and the now infamous performance on the MTV Music Awards a few years ago. Cyrus is a free spirit and no one knows more about frivolous party behavior than the 21-year-old singer.

Schwarzenegger’s older sister, Katherine, has spoken publicly about the couple stating that they are “adorable” and she is happy that her brother has found love. Katherine was excited that her brother is in a healthy relationship and has found someone who makes him happy, she said in an interview with Extra last week.

The singer has been well-received by the Schwarzenegger family and was introduced to Arnold while on vacation this past December in Idaho. There is no word if Cyrus will respond to the pictures, or if she is going to let the cheating go. The rumor in Hollywood is that Cyrus has broken up with Patrick because of the PDA pics that insinuate him cheating.

By Deneishia Jacobpito

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