Miley Cyrus Posts Knife Emojis Following Boyfriend’s Spring Break Fling

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus posted knife emojis following her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s, Spring Break fling, during which he was photographed at Cabo taking a shot off of a pretty brunette’s bare stomach, according to Hollywood Life and other sources. Miley posted a childhood photo of herself she had photoshopped over a scene of the character, Rosemary, from the horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, wielding a knife, along with the addition of the knife emojis, with the caption “Current Mood.”

Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, who is now a junior at the University of Southern California, has tried to calm the situation down, insisting that he would not “do anything against” his girlfriend of four months, Miley Cyrus, 22. However, the photos that show him on March 15 at Mango Deck Restaurante, Bar & Beach Club while he was at Cabo San Lucas on Spring Break along with the brunette, who he has claimed was the girlfriend of “one of my best friends,” seem to suggest otherwise.

Though Patrick Schwarzenegger tried to brush the whole thing off, saying she was a friend of his, by the Instagram photo that Miley Cyrus posted and the caption, she appears to have her doubts. A source who is reportedly close to Patrick stated that the son of action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was not at all happy that the photos had gotten out.

However, the same source added that Patrick was “not worried,” that Miley Cyrus would assume anything based on the photos. The source stated that Patrick believed Miley “would doing 1,000 percent more crazy stuff in the same situation.” While that might very well be true, by Miley’s posting of the Instagram photo along with the knife emojis, she did not seem to think that the whole situation was as innocent as her boyfriend claimed it to be.

Despite Patrick’s Spring Break fling, Miley Cyrus was seen in Las Vegas over the weekend at Omnia Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, looking as if nothing had happened. She was partying there with one of her girlfriends, Stella Maxwell. They had both been at the SXSW festival this past week.

Miley Cyrus posted photos of herself to her Instagram account having a good time at the nightclub. Some of the people at the nightclub said that the Wrecking Ball singer seemed to be fairly mellow, and not her usual partying self, but the Instagram photos that she posted seem to show she was having a lot of fun there, while drinking vodka and tequila and dancing with friends of hers.

However, some media sources are speculating that perhaps originally, Patrick Schwarzenegger was supposed to meet Miley Cyrus in Las Vegas, and they would spend some quality romantic time together there. If that was the original plan, Miley might have nixed it, following what she learned had happened while her boyfriend was spending his Spring Break in Cabo.

While Miley Cyrus sometimes has a flair for the dramatic, it is unlikely that she meant anything about the Instagram photo she posted of herself as Rosemary, along with the knife emojis, other than she was not at all happy about how Patrick behaved during his Spring Break fling in Mexico. The photo and the caption she included were pretty disconcerting, but she might, eventually, forgive Patrick and get back to dating him, once she has let him sweat enough.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Boston Herald
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