Kim Kardashian National Treasure

Kim Kardashian

Once in a great while a person emerges to encapsulate what it means to be American. When one thinks American icon many names come to mind. Elvis, Marlon Brando, and Frank Sinatra are just a few of the names that immediately come to mind. In recent years one person has captured the collective hearts and minds of just about every American. This is person is of course, Kim Kardashian. The vastly talented and beautiful Kardashian is the focus of the hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

It really is not a stretch to imagine this family as American royalty, because they are. Led by patriarch, and American hero, Bruce Jenner this family is what every American family longs to be. Rich, famous and insanely talented, this family is the definition of a triple threat.

Kardashian first broke into stardom after her staring role in a tasteful 2007 short film and has held onto fame ever since. The critically lauded short film, co-starring rapper Ray J, was quite the tear jerker. The semi-autobiographical story of a young model woman who would do just about anything for fame is a dramatic tour de force. She is not one to be type casted though, the truly talented rarely are, as she has shown us over the years with her unbelievable range. Her next artistic endeavor was the celebrated show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This show is a reality show that captures the Kardashian family doing what they do best. It chronicles their individual trails and tribulations as they venture into the fashion industry, modeling, the list goes on. These various accomplishments should cement Kardashian’s status as a national treasure.

Last November Kardashian’s modeling went on to break the internet. This is no small feat, breaking the internet is quite a difficult endeavor. It is not a task that just any person would attempt, but she is not just any person. Many said that it simply could not be done, but she would not be dissuaded by these skeptics. It was done on November 12 2014 a day that will live on in the annals of history. This amazing accomplishment easily overshadowed the trivial news of the Rosetta comet landing. She did this amazing work with the help of photographer Jean-Paul Goude, who used Kardashian to replicate his famous Champagne Incident photograph.

She is not just a talented actress and model, but a shrewd business woman. She has recently sold the exclusive rights to her divorce with, apparently soon to be ex, husband Kanye West. The rights to the story earned her half a million dollars. This was a genius move by one of the most respected television icons of the day. She has also recently announced her foray into the gaming market. She will be producing a virtual version of the show that keeps her humble Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Everyone from time to time has imagined what would it be like to be Kim Kardashian’s best friend. Now what was once a fantastic day dream will be a virtual reality, as you navigate the complex realities of a reality television star alongside America’s sweetheart.

With all of this success it is amazing that she is able to stay so humble and keep a level head. In these turbulent times it is comforting to know that their is one person people can look to for comfort. This is what makes Kim Kardashian a national treasure. Not only is she a true asset to the country but she is a role model to young women everywhere. Her message does not stop at the countries’ borders but is universal. This message is simple, a hard work ethic and a can do attitude can get you far.

Opinion by James Dixson



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