Natural Remedies Versus Modern Medicine

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Natural Remedies
In modern-day society, who would ever think that the use of natural remedies could be favored over the use of modern medicine. When taking into consideration that through the use of science, modern medicine has been able to give humans the capabilities of overcoming some of the most horrific illnesses mankind has ever had to face. Even with that being said, there are still people who choose to select natural remedies for rehabilitating the body.

In 2015, there are important health-related questions that must be addressed. Namely, is it absolutely necessary to rule out the idea of natural remedies as a primary healing source? Moreover, is the practice of modern medicine more beneficial than natural remedies in effective healing? It has been concluded by some that natural remedies are indeed a stepping stone to medicine. In fact, the very use of natural remedies have contributed to the advancement of medicine.

Some may even say that many people who do practice healing via the use of natural remedies could be attributed to a lack of money. According to studies, this concept could be considered valid due to high pharmaceutical costs. As a result, poorer countries and consumers could be more likely to use natural remedies. Moreover, older countries and consumers could be sticking to traditional remedies when it comes to medical practices.

When taking a look into modern medicine, it is hard to dispute its overall effectiveness. People are living longer and surviving illnesses that would have killed them 100 or even 50 years ago. While giving much-needed praise to modern medicine, there are also cons associated with mainstream medical treatments that should be considered. For instance, statistics show that many people suffer from side effect complications that can result in severe illness and/or death each year in the U.S.

While weighing the positives of each approach, it is always advisable to consider the negative aspects of each approach as well. While natural remedies can be beneficial, the mainstream scientific community does not place much stock in such treatment and advises caution with homeopathic methods, due to the fact that most natural remedies are unpredictable and inexact in nature. Moreover, such remedies have not been conclusively linked to the treatment, cure, or prevention of an illness exclusively.

Even though most herbal remedies are plant-based, the risk of side effects and/or complications tend to be lower, certain medical conditions can be treated over time, and the process is considered by some to be more effective, the mainstream scientific community is leery of alternative treatment and exercises caution with homeopathic methods, due to their unpredictable and inexact nature. Moreover, such natural remedies have not been conclusively linked to the treatment, cure, or prevention of an illness exclusively. However, the lower overall costs associated with natural remedies are hard to ignore, especially among cash-strapped individuals. Typically, herbs are much lower in cost when compared to many mainstream medications. The lower costs are often two-fold–both for the user, as well as research studies conducted using the drugs. An additional benefit associated with natural remedies is the easy accessibility to natural healing treatments and supplements. However, there are some companies involved in the alternative health market that have found a way to make a massive profit from natural remedies.

While comparing the pros and cons associated with modern medicine and natural remedies, the debate is more complicated than first perceived. Both approaches have beneficial attributes as well as drawbacks. It is all about individual choices, paths, beliefs, and reasoning. Which approach will be more beneficial–natural remedies versus modern medicine? Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which healing practices and/or methods will be used to ensure the best individual results.

Opinion By Alicia Isaac

University of Maryland Medical Center
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