Ndamukong Suh Set to Sign With Miami Dolphins


Sources report that Ndamukong Suh, the controversial Detroit Lions defensive tackle, will be signing a large multimillion dollar contract with the Miami Dolphins this Tuesday. The contract is reported to be worth upwards of 114 million dollars with 60 million dollars in guaranteed money for six years.

After signing this deal Suh will be only the fifth non-quarterback to sign a contract worth over 100 million and the second defensive lineman, the first being Albert Haynesworth (a situation which did not play out well). With his 60 million in guaranteed money and the 40 million guaranteed from his first contract in 2010, this would mean Suh will earn over 100 million in guaranteed money, and in the NFL it is all about the guaranteed money.

Suh joins a Miami Dolphins defense that last year ranked 24th in the league in rushing yards allowed per game. Suh will likely help Miami’s struggling rush defense. Suh is leaving a Detroit unit that had ranked first in the NFl in rush defense, and will also be a jolt for Miami’s mediocre pass rush. With the exception of Cameron Wake, no other Miami Dolphin recorded more than six sacks for the year. Suh, who recorded eight sand a half for the year and two in the postseason, will definitely help Miamis defense become one of the more formidable units in the NFL.

Not only does Suh look good statistically, but he brings so much more to the table for a Miami defense that has lacked a serious identity for years. Suh is a very polarizing figure in the NFL and has, on more than one occasion, has been fined for questionable play. He may have a reputation as a dirty player, but he brings an edge and leadership to a Miami team that desperately needs to toughen up (especially when playing in a division with the likes of the New England Patriots, New York Jets and a very defensively sound Buffalo Bills, led by new coach Rex Ryan).

However, it is a strange choice by the Dolphins, who are only one year removed from a serious locker room controversy with another big on field personality. The Dolphins have had problems with players in the past, but Suh is just too good a talent to pass up, esecially for a team in need of some toughness on the defensive line. Suh most certainly brings that to the table and brings it in spades, and that is needed in a team that just utterly collapsed down the stretch as the Dolphins did last year.

Now; it must be said that the contract is not final yet, but barring an utter breakdown in negotiations, this deal is likely to go through. The Detroit Lions loss is most certainly the Miami Dolphins gain this off season. The Dolphins will be getting the top free agent on the market and are looking primed for a playoff run in 2015 , and the only thing that will hold them back is their lackluster offense. The important thing, however, is that Ndamukong Suh is set to sign with Miami and with all that money he will be receiving one can hope hope he gets a nice pair of sunglasses for sunny south Florida.

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Photo by: Nathan Rupert – Flickr License

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