Jared Padalecki Starts Campaign to Support ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’


Jared Padalecki, one of the stars of the hit CW show Supernatural, has started a campaign to support To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA). His campaign features the words, Always Keep Fighting, over the image of the actor with his arms crossed. Padalecki launched his fundraising effort for TWLOHA with pictures and videos on his personal Facebook page. The Always Keep Fighting shirt is a limited edition shirt that comes in three different styles, from a sweatshirt to different styles of t-shirt. Padalecki launched the sale of his shirts in support of TWLOHA on March 3, 2015, and started by posting a picture of himself wearing the t-shirt.

This is the first time that Padalecki has launched a shirt campaign for a cause, and in this case it is one that the actor says he holds close to his heart. The actor’s original goal was to sell 1,000 shirts, but by late Sunday night there had been just short of 20,000 shirts sold. Via video messages posted to Facebook, Padalecki has kept his followers informed of how the campaign is doing, and has even called two individuals who purchased shirts to talk to them and thank them for the support.

TWLOHA is an organization that helps to support individuals who are suffering from mental health issues. Their goal is to spread the truth about mental health, in an effort to fight against the stigmas associated with it. It is TWLOHA’s hope that by educating people, it will allow those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, thoughts of self-injury, addiction, eating disorders or thoughts of suicide to reach out for the help that they not only need, but deserve. The organization’s website offers information on all the different aspects of mental health issues, as well as where to get help, how to donate to the cause, and how to get involved.

Padalecki chose to start a campaign to support TWLOHA following the loss of a close friend, who had been battling depression. As the actor points out in his statement regarding the story behind his shirt, this was not the first friend he has lost to suicide. Padalecki speaks about his own feelings regarding these losses, while expressing his wish that he could go back and tell his friends what they meant to him. The actor’s goal with the campaign is to raise not only money for the charity, but also to help raise awareness about the many issues that people struggle with regarding mental health. Padalecki wants those who are struggling to not only not be ashamed about what they are dealing with, but to also be vocal and express what is happening in their lives.

As Padalecki’s message states, he hopes that those who suffer Always Keep Fighting. By supporting TWLOHA and raising awareness, the actor wants to alleviate those stigmas that seem to immediately attach themselves to the terms depression or mental illness. Padalecki tells those who suffer to be proud of themselves for their valiant efforts in dealing with their day to day struggles.

Padalecki’s campaign to help support To Write Love On Her Arms, is currently live on the Represent website. The sale of the shirts continues through March 18. For more information on TWLOHA or Padalecki’s campaign, links can be found in the sources below.

By Kimberley Spinney



To Write Love On Her Arms

Jared Padalecki on Facebook

Photo by Keith McDuffee – Flickr License

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