Next Approval by FDA May Fix Double Chin


One of the most problematic areas for fat seems to be the chin. The area just beneath the chin can collect unwanted fat that causes people to develop what is known as the “double chin.” If approved, the next approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could fix double chin, as a drug designed to specifically target the fat in a chin has been found to possibly be a great alternative to surgery. As the drug received unanimous support for FDA approval, the process of it could move rather quickly.

Recently a drug known as ATX-101 went to the FDA for approval, based on the fact that the drug could provide a new market for facial aesthetics. The company Kythera Biopharmaceuticals announced on March 9, 2015 that they were seeking approval from the FDA for the new drug that they created. After receiving unanimous approval from the Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee, the FDA will consider the product for approved public use.

In the past, those unhappy with having double chin only had the choice to get a chin liposuction, in which doctors would cut a small hole in the area above the neck and suction out the fat. This created downtime for patients and a cost of over $2000. But the new drug, if approved by the FDA, ATX-101 will supposedly eliminate the need for chin liposuction. Made from deoxycholic acid, the medicine supposedly dissolves the fat by causing fat cells to burst, after being injected by needle right into the area.

The evidence that was presented to the FDA would be hard to disapprove. According to the company, the process would supposedly take less than 15 minutes and leave no downtime or hospital time. Patients seeking the treatment can go into a medical clinic and get the injection, then walk out with no visible sign of the procedure. The drug could, however, cause symptoms like swelling, bruising and redness of the area, something that the FDA will have to check into. But the company says these side effects never last more than two days. Patients may also feel a slight discomfort when actually receiving the treatment, but the company compares this to the pain of a usual injection.

The product has been tested on over 1,500 people so far. Many doctors have used the drug in testing and came back with great results. FDA approval would mean that all doctors could use it, but as many already have the drug is already ahead of the game. Dr. Susan Weinkle was using the drug in clinical trials in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She stated that it was “safe and amazingly effective.” Many other doctors have expressed their approval for using the drug, as well.

But some doctors have expressed their concern over FDA approval. Dr. Michael Edwards, president of the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said that he is worried that people will use it for other areas of the face or for larger volumes of the fat than is intended. This does seem to be a valid concern, as many have expressed the hope that this drug would also be made effective and get FDA approval for use on other problem fat areas, in the future. It would be convenient if ATX-101 is found to rid the fat cells of other areas of the body.

Though for now, the drug is specifically designed to target the fat cells of the chin. This development has increased Kythera Biopharma’s shares by seven percent already. So far, ATX-101 has proven effective. If it receives complete FDA approval next, the drug may have the ability to cure double chin for everyone.

By Crystal Boulware


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