Penn State Fraternity Suspended Over Posting Offensive Images on Facebook

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A fraternity at Penn State University has been suspended pending an investigation by local law enforcement officials, after they created a secret Facebook page where they posted offensive images. According to a local news station, which received a transcript of the search warrant, several members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity allegedly photographed nude women, while sleeping or passed out, and distributed the pictures online. Penn State police were tipped off about the posted pictures which led them to obtaining the search warrant.

According to the search warrant, there were two sections of the Facebook page. The first had images of the victims, and the second section had pictures of members engaging in narcotics transactions and hazing pledging members. Police official Lieutenant Keith Robb of Penn State stated the page had around 150 members on the site, current students and alumni. Though, since the page is private, all members were selected to join and accepted the invitation.

Although most of the pictures were taken off the Facebook page, investigators were able to recover 20 images for evidence. Robb stated they have now joined the Penn State Office of Student Conduct and the IFC to uncover further wrongdoings. The IFC released a statement which stated, “the chapter was immediately placed on full chapter suspension.” Moreover, following the completion of the investigation, the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity will be summoned to go before the Penn State IFC for a conduct review session.

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