Police Officers Shot


Earlier this evening, at about six p.m., two Los Angeles Police Department (L.A.P.D.) officers were shot. The gunman is still at large, and an active search is ongoing. The police officers were shot near the intersection of 65th Street and Broadway in the Florence neighborhood, both have only minor injuries. The L.A.P.D. has responded in force, with dozens of police cars patrolling the area looking for the shooting suspects.

Junior Moore, a patron of Hercules Burgers says he was startled by the gunfire, “There must have been 20 shots then all that could be heard were the police sirens.” Though it is as yet unclear if the officers were the first shooters or not, this situation does not bode well for the L.A.P.D., as in recent months all instances of police firing at suspects has come under heavy scrutiny.

Apart from the highly publicized Michael Brown and Eric Garner slayings, there have recently been many instances where police were thought to have displayed an inappropriate use of force. Just last night two officers were shot at a Ferguson, Missouri protest. While a suspect has been apprehended in last night’s shooting, the L.A.P.D. is still currently searching for possible suspects in the area.

By Benjamin Johnson


LA Times

ABC 7 Eyewitness News

Photo By matthrono – flickr license

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