Priest From Vrindavan, India, Accused of Sexual Abuse by California Woman


A California woman has accused a priest in the city of Vrindavan, India, of physically and sexually abusing her. Days before the world celebrates Women’s Day on March 8, the horrific case of sexual abuse of a woman, allegedly at the hands of a priest, has come up. Local police located the woman while working on a tip. The woman hails from California, U.S., and was found in a tortured condition by the police.

The woman is a citizen of the United States and was visiting Vrindavan to celebrate Holi – the upcoming festival of colors, which is celebrated in India with much fanfare. She was said to have rented a guest house when she reached Vrindavan February 26. The woman was unaccounted for after the first day. The local police started their search operations and located her on Tuesday, March 3. It was reported that the woman was physically and sexually tortured by a priest, and there were wounds and bruises on her body.

The police reported that when they discovered the woman, she was in a drunken state. However, once she regained composure and sobered up, the woman alleged that she had been physically and sexually abused by a priest. Officers from the United States embassy visited Vrindavan on Wednesday, March 4, to get complete information about the incident. A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against an unidentified priest. Police are currently looking for the priest accused of this crime.

priestReportedly, the woman from California, a devotee of the Hindu god Krishna, was physically and sexually abused by a priest before subjugating her. Tuesday, the woman was taken to a hospital in a nearby district by the local police. However, the doctors could not perform any kind of medical check-up until Wednesday. Doctors have informed the police that the woman was extremely traumatized by the incident and scared.

According to police, the medical examinations conducted by the doctors have been inconclusive, and have not confirmed a case of sexual abuse. They have sent the woman to the nearby city of Agra for further testing. It has also been stated by the police that the woman has not been successful in identifying the priest. They also mentioned that the description of the incident given to them by the woman was ambiguous.

Serious doubts have been expressed since Tuesday about the investigation conducted by local police against the priest. The local inhabitants have voiced their anger about the mishandling of the incident and the inhumane treatment of the woman. Multiple cases of rape, slavery, and torture at the hands of priests in Vrindavan have been reported in recent past.

A non-government organization overlooking the case has stated publicly that the city of Vrindavan needs to do a lot more for the safety of resident and tourist women. The city, a major tourist attraction, does not have a single female cop or an authority handling the incidents related to foreign tourists. Moreover, the cops in the city lack any English communication skills. This leads to a major loss of time due to communication issues. Reports are expected soon which could help in identifying the priest accused of physically and sexually abusing the woman from California in the Indian city of Vrindavan.

By Ankur Sinha

The Times Of India
India Today
Vishwa Gujrat

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