Romance Comics Making a Comeback

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Comic books have been around for years, and many of the biggest movies and even television shows are based on these stories. Sadly, not many people remember that romance once held a place amongst the superheros. The original romance comics got their start in the mid to late 1940s, and were created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. For fans of comic books these names might be familiar, if not, Kirby’s artwork can be seen in such works as the Fantastic Four and Mighty Thor, among others. Simon is known for being a co-creator of Captain America. While the genre did well for a number of years, its popularity eventually waned and became a thing of the past. Now a comics editor wants to bring the romance genre back into the comics market.

Janelle Asselin, an editor who has worked with DC Comics and is currently a senior editor with Comics Alliance, has started a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the romance. Asselin is known in the comics world for her stance on being gender inclusive. Now, her new campaign is a way to help get an anthology series called Fresh Romance, which will be released by Rosy Press, rolling.

Asselin has a goal of $28,000 for her campaign, with an end date of April 22, 2015. The campaign which was started on March 23, has already garnered over $25,000 and has more than 650 backers. For this campaign, she says part of the money is to help pay the creators for their work.

As part of the campaign to give romance comics a comeback, Asselin points out what happens if the campaign exceeds their current goal. For every $10,000 that is raised over the original goal, the creators will get a bump in page rate. On the campaign page, the rate is broken down by the amount of money raised, for example, if $58,000 is raised then the creator of the comic would receive a 45 percent page rate bump.

The proposed plan for these romances is to offer three stories in full color every month. Some of the stories will be around 10 pages long and can be enjoyed as a single story. Others will be longer. Following the run on Fresh Romance, each of the stories will be released in an ebook format.

All of the romance comics will be owned by their creator. There are currently eight creators listed on the Kickstarter campaign page, who are already on board with producing a romance comic. Some of the names include Sarah Vaughn, Kate Leth and Amanda Scurti.

Although the content is said to be continually changing and evolving, the current rating for these romances will be R-rated. It is pointed out that while not every story or chapter will have adult content, there will be some. Each issue of Fresh Romance will also offer a fashion report, an advice column for relationships and even a behind the scenes look at the development of the artwork.

With the original goal of $28,000 nearly met, it appears that the romance comics really will be making a comeback. The first issue appears to be set for May 2015 and the first three stories are already in the works.

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